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  • Gets better each time I read it
  • Fabulous watermelon
  • This is why I try to avoid arguing on the interwebz
  • In light of the events at McNair Elementary today
  • Words.
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CuriousHarpie 0 karma August 2013
Am I the only one to notice that little Fry appears to have a Decapod claw for a hand?
CuriousHarpie 0 karma August 2013
It ain't gonna rub itself, monkey.
CuriousHarpie 0 karma August 2013
I dunno... I prefer to get full consent when I art.
CuriousHarpie +1 karma August 2013
Shit, I'm only 30 and I complain about kids these days - AND have muttered, "I'm getting too old for this shit" on numerous occasions.
CuriousHarpie +2 karma August 2013
And we are magnificent.
CuriousHarpie 0 karma August 2013
What about Dalek Oswin Oswald? She counts!
CuriousHarpie +1 karma August 2013
As much as I hate to say it...
CuriousHarpie 0 karma August 2013
Why are we not funding this?
CuriousHarpie +1 karma August 2013
Good on ya.
CuriousHarpie 0 karma August 2013
Falling in love with Mister Teatime, of course.
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