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Dalmoranix +1 karma May 2013
slow enough for bill gates to make a million. apparently.
Dalmoranix 0 karma May 2013
even better: 'what is actually at the end of the rainbow'
Dalmoranix 0 karma May 2013
Dalmoranix +9 karma May 2013
It's like guys who hate Gays but have absolutely no problem watching Lesbian porns.
Dalmoranix +1 karma May 2013
In any case, i'd rather ride a Unicorn than a virgin.
Dalmoranix +7 karma May 2013
If everyone could stop using apostrophes where they don't belong, that'd be great.
Dalmoranix 0 karma May 2013

This comment has been deleted.

Dalmoranix +4 karma May 2013
guess he couldn't afford the automail
Dalmoranix 0 karma May 2013
only 16, but i remember it. and my brain is... relatively normal in function.
Dalmoranix +1 karma May 2013
to be fair, it is a pretty complex graph.
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