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Sex Male
Age 21
Location United States
Ticklr since Before October 2012

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  • How celebrities must see their haters
  • If this was real...
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Dragonblaze052 -3 karma January 2013
Blackjack Walker
Dragonblaze052 -3 karma January 2013
I see no reason why this would be wrong.
Dragonblaze052 -2 karma January 2013
You can get a sinus infection or pneumonia, but nothing else.

The reason we have a "cold season" is because people stay inside with each other where they are more likely to spread it.
Dragonblaze052 +2 karma January 2013
Facebook likes can cure cancer, feed starving children, end pollution, keep you out of Hell and save lives.
Your move, Twitter.
Dragonblaze052 -1 karma January 2013
She took it in the hole with her to keep digging. Don't you know how Minecraft works?
Dragonblaze052 -2 karma January 2013
Thank you, Al.
Dragonblaze052 +1 karma November 2012
Yo dawg...
Dragonblaze052 +1 karma November 2012
I like you already.
Dragonblaze052 0 karma November 2012
Mario steampunk watergun? Those are my three favorite things!
Dragonblaze052 -1 karma November 2012
We're going to destroy his innocence like I destroyed your mom last night.
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supatrollfaice 0 karmaJuly 2013
I remember you... The first time I saw the Wall, you were at the top. It seems the karma trolls had slain you.
jamie9000000 0 karmaAugust 2012
I must say, going from number 1, to 300 karma down is something.

But people seem to enjoy thumbing you down xD
Dragonblaze052 -8 karmaAugust 2012
People decided they hate me, so I get massively down voted because people are retarded. Despite that, I'm still 2nd. XD
Hirkjibeque 0 karmaAugust 2012
And saying things like that is why you will be hated even more.
Dragonblaze052 -6 karmaAugust 2012
They will hate me either way for no reason at all, so why should I care?
deleted_user +1 karmaDecember 2012
I understand the feeling. I get downvoted for putting civilised and honest opinions out there. People just enjoy the hate.
deleted_user +2 karmaDecember 2012
But you still have some of the highest KArma! I'm impressed.
Dragonblaze052 -2 karmaJanuary 2013
Thank you, Al.
pearmo42 -3 karmaJuly 2012Melting Thumb Up
nice work on being number one!
Dragonblaze052 -6 karmaJuly 2012
jamie9000000 -2 karmaMay 2012
Congrats on number 1

You must have gone mad with the commenting xD
Dragonblaze052 -17 karmaMay 2012
Actually, I just made good comments.
ike616 -1 karmaMay 2012
Congratz on #1!!
Dragonblaze052 -10 karmaMay 2012
Congratulations for taking it back.
wolfwind -7 karmaMay 2012
So apparently I'm second and you're third now. Is there an issue with the karma system or is it just random people. I can no longer tell.
Dragonblaze052 -10 karmaMay 2012
No idea.....
RedRoman77 -2 karmaApril 2012
Funny man, you are. Like you, I do. No idea why talking like Yoda, I have.
Dragonblaze052 -9 karmaApril 2012
Thank you.

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