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Nothing is true, everything is permitted. That means it's a lie that I took your bacon, but I was also fully within my rights to do so.

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Gib1997 0 karma 8 hours ago
Classy as fuck, jackass
Gib1997 0 karma 10 hours ago
Alright mate, calm it down with the smug condescension. Firstly, what is it about my views that you find so awful? Secondly, while the rest of my family are largely apolitical, I've been interested in politics since I went to my secondary school. Being raised catholic in NI is fine, but meeting and often arguing with the son of a DUP MLA and an overly rift-wing friend-of-a-friend, I was rather radicalised in terms of nationalism. After a few years, denouncing the faith, and realising how much a twat I was at 13, I've developed my views in a mixture of morality and pragmatism. Now, tell me why my views are less legitimate than yours?
Gib1997 -1 karma 10 hours ago
Gib1997 0 karma 11 hours ago
Gib1997 +4 karma 12 hours ago
When I was 15 (possibly sixteen, my memory is awful), I was on holiday in Spain and was left alone in the apartment (recent surgery = no swimming). Sitting watching TV, then I heard really loudly "oh yes" repeatedly. Then stopped, and started again. Then stopped, and started again. At fifteen, was the greatest thing to ever happen.
Gib1997 +3 karma 12 hours ago
Look at the form, it's all wrong. They need a good organiser, maybe they could take Willie Frazer on loan.
Gib1997 -1 karma 12 hours ago
Or it could have been a joke. Mate I'm not actually serious, and I despise my country more than you could imagine, our politicians are worse than anything else in the UK (examples to google if you want a laugh -Peter Robinson, Edwin Poots, Gregory Campbell). We couldn't survive, and frankly I'm shocked the rest of you have been willing to put up with us for this long, we're a fucking embarrassment.
Gib1997 -2 karma 15 hours ago
Well apparently the rest of tickld disagrees. To each their own.
Gib1997 -8 karma 16 hours ago
As someone from NI, can we just keep Scotland, Wales and NI together and tell England to fuck off?
Gib1997 +5 karma 17 hours ago
My great knowledge of random Friends trivia saves the day yet again
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SmilingPolitely21 0 karma3 weeks ago
Thanks for the karma
Gib1997 0 karma3 weeks ago
No problem :)
chillwinston [m] 0 karma4 weeks agoGentleman's Approval
Thanks for the karma dude.
Gib1997 +1 karma4 weeks ago
No problem, the right wing are out in force again
chillwinston [m] +1 karma4 weeks ago
So it seems, although I was pleasantly surprised by a lot of people's comments though.
Socrates 0 karmalast month
Wtf did tickld really just hide your unpopular opinion puffing for simply MENTIONING 9/11?!? You weren't even making a joke! This angers me more than it should, people are way too god damn sensitive.
Gib1997 0 karmalast month
I made it mainly in response to a previous post that I had commented on, and there I had very little support, so I imagine quite a few people are angry about that. Also, the post was made by metalmike, you know how much sway he has.
sasquatchius 0 karmalast monthLet Me Love You
Gib1997 +1 karmalast month
I always hate it when people think actual feminism is the type you see on tumblr or from idiots like Sarkeesian. It only tarnishes he name of an important movement.
volleyballchic621 +26 karma25 gift!last month
Your stuff is really funny. Thought I'd let you know :)
Gib1997 +1 karmalast month
You're so nice :) thank you
volleyballchic621 +1 karmalast month
You're welcome! and you didn't need to give me karma! :p but thanks!
Gib1997 +1 karmalast month
I felt I should because you were so nice :P
volleyballchic621 +1 karmalast month
Well I was just telling the truth :)
Gib1997 +1 karmalast month
You're too kind :)
volleyballchic621 +1 karmalast month
Ah, it's nothing. Your picture is nice too :p you're cute :)
Gib1997 +1 karmalast month
AddedI wish I could add a meme here

I'm getting my a level results in just over four hours and I'm terrified for them, but a gorgeous girl said I'm cute so I've got that going for me which is nice
volleyballchic621 +1 karmalast month
Hahaha yeah for real!! You're super cute! :p I have no idea what a level results are, but I hope you get the result you want!!
Gib1997 +1 karmalast month
They're really important exams, split over two years. I'm on the first year, called AS. Basically, if I fuck them up, no uni for me. And this is fantastic, I'm cute. I feel like a pikachu or something.
volleyballchic621 +1 karmalast month
Oh shit, that is important! I hope you do well! And I didn't mean cute like a pikachu hahaha :p I meant cute like you know...cute/hot whatever...not like a child :p
Gib1997 +1 karmalast month
Thank you, and thank you haha. If you don't mind me saying (although saying that is redundant as I've already said it...), you're gorgeous
volleyballchic621 0 karmalast month
I don't mind at all haha, thanks. That's very sweet of you :)
Gib1997 +1 karmalast month
No problem :) this is a very pleasant conversation haha
volleyballchic621 0 karmalast month
It has been! :)
Socrates +6 karma5 gift!last month
Am I cute too guys??
volleyballchic621 +1 karmalast monthNo.
AddedI'm kidding, I love your avatar :p
Socrates +1 karmalast month
thanks, tis my late guinea pig, Socrates
volleyballchic621 +1 karmalast month
Aw, sorry to hear that :/ he is absolutely adorable and I love his name. Have you gotten a new one?
Socrates +1 karmalast month
Its okay, he lived a good life of chillin and nibbling on carrots and shit. No I didn't get a new one after him and his roommate died, but now we have a golden retriever puppy named Caesar!
AddedHe was actually a she and originally named Truffle but we changed it after a couple days because a friend suggested Socrates and it just kinda stuck lol
volleyballchic621 +1 karmalast month
Nibbling carrots and shit sounds like the fucking life. Golden retriever sounds like even more fun! :)
AddedI love a dog, but we already have 2 cats and my mom won't give in :'(
Thunderbolt37 [m] +1 karmalast month
Thanks for the karma!
Gib1997 +1 karmalast month
No problem, it was partly due to my agreement and partly due to my regret of upvoting it
HindzBeanz +1 karmalast monthGood Guy Greg
Haha thanks for the Marma xxx
Gib1997 +1 karmalast month
No problem :)
KingOfHere [m] +1 karmalast monthThumb Up (Batman)
Thanks for the ak-47s amigo
RachelMeg 0 karmalast month
Cheers for the Karma
Gib1997 0 karmalast month
No problem
fartmcdickshit 0 karmalast month
We're the same age OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we have so much in common OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gib1997 0 karmalast month
Oaky dokey
chillwinston [m] +1 karmalast month
Thanks for the karma man, such a ridiculous post.
Gib1997 +1 karmalast month
No problem, cannot believe how many people are siding with it. A bad sign of the times, perhaps.
chillwinston [m] 0 karmalast monthThank You
Thanks for the karma again, haha.
Gib1997 +1 karmalast month
No problem, the right wing is out again on that comment section
chillwinston [m] +1 karmalast monthNooooooooo
chillwinston [m] +1 karmalast month
Yeah, so it seems. Hopefully it's just one of those trends that will go away in a few weeks.
Gib1997 +1 karmalast month
More and more right win posts are becoming popular, seems to be a trend this year.
chillwinston [m] +1 karmalast month
I've noticed that too, especially after the surge of all the pro-UKIP posts a little while back. I think a lot of it is down to contrarianism, wanting to appear edgy and independent just for the sake of it. People were getting sick of all the left wing and liberal posts that were so commonplace last year, and now some have taken a complete 180 degree turn and have started quoting Vladimir Putin, of all people, on minority rights. It'd be laughable if it wasn't so cringeworthy.
Gib1997 0 karmalast month
Perhaps it'll flip again and again, constantly contradicting the previous iteration. As much as I'm interested in politics, I'd rather it stay off tickld.
chillwinston [m] +1 karmalast month
I agree, or at the very least there should an "Argument" section for these kinds of posts.
Gib1997 +1 karmalast month
Not a bad idea, thought I'm not sure argument is the ideal label. Perhaps debate.
chillwinston [m] +1 karmalast monthWink
Heheh, of course!
Thomasjaffray +1 karmalast month
New avatar? Coolio.
Gib1997 +1 karmalast month
Aye, I'm a tad self conscious so I keep trying to make it look better haha
Thomasjaffray +1 karmalast month
Haha, it's cute.
Gib1997 +1 karmalast month
Why thank you
Stelio_Kontos -1 karmalast month
Now every time you see your profile you will get my song stuck in your head. Muahahahahahahaaaa
Gib1997 0 karmalast month
You bastard
chillwinston [m] +1 karmalast month
Thanks for the karma man!
Gib1997 +1 karmalast month
No problem :)
GrapeReaction [m] 0 karmaJuly 2014
GIB < 3 HI! :D How are you doing?
Gib1997 +1 karmaJuly 2014
I'm great haha, how are you?
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