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Gib1997 +1 karma 20 hours ago
Why thank you
Gib1997 +1 karma 20 hours ago
No problem mate, thanks for the gift :)
Gib1997 0 karma Yesterday
It's tickld's edgy phase. The "tickld family" stage ended, and perhaps one day this one will too.
Gib1997 0 karma Yesterday

This comment has been deleted.

Gib1997 +4 karma 2 days ago
It's hard to sound sarcastic online :/
Gib1997 +32 karma 2 days ago
In fairness, history is on UKIP's side. Voting for an extremist right wing party who blames everything on people of a different race to fix an economic downturn has always worked before.
Gib1997 +8 karma 2 days ago
Those meanies in the media, telling people what we say. It's obscene #PCgonemad #Imnotracistbut
Gib1997 +1 karma 4 days ago
I did. It's being inquired into at the minute. I should have probably stated, and I apologise for not, that I'm unsure whether it is the school or the actual event placing the restriction.
AddedAlthough, on second thought, I'll delete this. It's best to try and avoid an argument.
Gib1997 +2 karma 6 days ago
Because feminism has been given an image of a facade for misandry. Watch Emma Watson's original speech to the UN, she talks about how feminism isn't about 'man hating'. They are promoting feminism as what it should be, and what its true meaning is; gender equality.
Gib1997 0 karma 6 days ago
I think you need it mate haha
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Kalimaisis [m] +1 karma2 weeks ago
Aww, thanks for the karmals sweetheart :)
Gib1997 +1 karma2 weeks ago
No problem, I think it's nice for kindness to be rewarded, as saccharine as that sounds.
MetalM1ke +1 karma3 weeks ago
Thanks again Gib. I really appreciate you having my back the last couple days man. You really are a gentleman and a scholar.
Gib1997 +1 karma3 weeks ago
No problem, I can't believe people would act like that. Tons of my friends are women, but that doesn't mean I'm carrying a bunch of naked pics of them around with me to hand out. It's ridiculous.
MetalM1ke +1 karma3 weeks ago
After I made that comment the DM's I was getting was people then "joking" about asking for her naked pics.. there was even like 3 posts where people were "jokingly" asking for them. Brie laughed it off knowing I would never do it but I see where she was coming from with feeling overwhelmed. It was her first day here.
Gib1997 +1 karma3 weeks ago
I hate sounding like a 'tickld hipster' but the place isn't as welcoming as it once was
MetalM1ke +1 karma3 weeks ago
I understand what you are saying. There is a negative stigma with saying that anymore but it has gotten more popular and peoples inhibitions have lowered drastically.
Gib1997 +1 karma3 weeks ago
The whole 'edgy' thing was funny at first, and chosimbaaaa was the master at it, but nowadays it's just annoying. I complain too much, I'm well aware, but it's weird how things have changed. I don't think if I joined nowadays I'd stick around long. But there are still great members of the community, which I keep in mind.
NegriInclusionBody +1 karma3 weeks ago
Holy crap Dude thanks!
Gib1997 0 karma3 weeks ago
No problem mate, you were right
MetalM1ke +1 karma4 weeks ago
Holy fuck, Gib... Thanks man. That was bro as fuck.
Gib1997 +1 karma4 weeks ago
No problem. We may not agree on everything, but you were dead right on that one. Tis called a private life for a reason.
JuRD 0 karma4 weeks ago
Thanks for that karma! I didn't realise that comment was gonna get that controversial, seemed pretty obvious to me
Gib1997 0 karma4 weeks ago
No problem, the comments on that post weren't great.
sasquatchius +1 karma4 weeks agoLet Me Love You
Gib1997 0 karma4 weeks agoHug (cat)
Alynnra +1 karma4 weeks agoThank You
Thanks for the karma!
Gib1997 +1 karma4 weeks ago
No problem, I hate how tickld has become internet-right-wing recently.
Alynnra +1 karma4 weeks ago
Yeah, I'm hoping it's just a phase :)
Gib1997 +1 karma4 weeks ago
Unfortunately I don't have the same hopes, but you know, optimism and stuff
shawnc924 0 karma4 weeks ago
Thank you for the Karma, You really didn't have to gift me any. I appreciate it! Hope you have an excellent day.
Gib1997 0 karma4 weeks ago
It's no problem mate, if I think a comment deserves karma I'll give it, and yours did.
sasquatchius +1 karmalast monthLet Me Love You
Gib1997 0 karmalast monthHug Me Brotha
Hugs are always good
drumsticks241 +1 karmalast monthBro Hug
Cheers for the karma man! I'm holding you personally responsible for making me break the 1000K barrier!
Gib1997 +1 karmalast month
No problem mate, that comment was brilliant :)
PartyEnema 0 karmalast monthDance Cat
Muchos gracias for the karma!
Gib1997 0 karmalast month
Kein Problem; your comment was brilliant
UserModerator [a] 0 karmalast month
Your post entitled "I'm Arno" was marked as Spoiler by a Tickld User Moderator.
Gib1997 0 karmalast month
Thanks, probably should have thought of that
zombie_ninja50 +1 karmalast month
Thanks for the karma man
Gib1997 +1 karmalast monthYou're Awesome (Modern Family)
No problem
UserModerator [a] 0 karmaDecember 2014
Your post entitled "Fuck you and your ice" was removed after an action by a Tickld User Moderator because it was: "Post guidelines say not to upload UOP.". Please review the Upload Guidelines and Terms of Use. This is an automated message.
Gib1997 0 karmaDecember 2014
Wait, what?
jackbauer4life 0 karmaDecember 2014Bro Hug
Thank you for your generous gift
Gib1997 0 karmaDecember 2014Hero High Five
No problem buddy
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