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Graverot 0 karma March 2014
Here is original all credit goes to snipars for original picture
Graverot 0 karma March 2014
Its shrek and his family
Graverot +3 karma July 2013
old and in a basement?
Graverot +4 karma July 2013
I guess you could say this post was kinda eggstreme
Graverot 0 karma June 2013
Living the dream
Graverot +3 karma June 2013
What would happen if I coated my pants and pissed myself?
Graverot 0 karma June 2013
When and why did you become so famous here?
Graverot 0 karma April 2013
Are you kidding me, O how times have changed. Click before down voting
Graverot 0 karma February 2013
Only one way thing to say about this post.
Graverot 0 karma February 2013

This comment has been deleted.

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