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HGM007 +6 karma last month
I asked them to write me a poem, and as the delivery man was handing me the pizza he was holding back a giggle. On the top of the box was a poem about how I would end up forever alone.
HGM007 -1 karma August 2014
Insecurity is tough, and loving someone who's insecure is tough. I hope he reaches the realization that you did.
HGM007 0 karma August 2014
Ugh, could you please tell this to my boyfriend? Jealousy and insecurity is seriously a poison in many relationships.
HGM007 0 karma August 2014
It's a magnet, so probably physical attraction or love at first sight as you mentioned.
HGM007 +9 karma July 2014
Regardless of current or past religion, you shouldn't have to apologize for using religion as a way to make yourself feel safer. I understand that SeekerofCheese may be devoutly against religion, or at least Christianity, and that's okay, but you weren't trying to stuff anything down anyone's throat, so you shouldn't feel the need to defend yourself from his comment :)
HGM007 0 karma July 2014
I get what you mean there, but some people are just genuinely controlling people to an extent where it's hurting the relationship. For example, I know for a fact that my boyfriend wants me to spend more time with him, make an effort to be more open about my thoughts and feelings, and not be afraid to speak my mind to him in general. I've honestly been making an effort to improve these aspects of our relationship because I think he has the right as my boyfriend to ask these things of me. In that sense, I agree with you. However, he is a very controlling individual. He is made jealous easily (even if I tell him I'm having a night in with one of my best friends), doesn't like letting me go anywhere without him, and, hell, even got mad that I wanted to get the split ends of my hair cut off today because "he likes the way my hair is". I think both sides should be considerate of what each other wants, but if doing what /they/ want results in a controlling attitude to this level I think it just becomes harmful and like TickldBuddha said, it really does act like a poison to our relationship.
HGM007 +2 karma July 2014
HGM007 +1 karma July 2014
Oh my.
HGM007 +1 karma July 2014
Zebra Brownies
HGM007 +1 karma June 2014
Accidentally downvoted when I meant to upvote so I had to right my wrong haha
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posterr 0 karmaJune 2014
Thanks for the carpets
HGM007 +1 karmaJune 2014
Accidentally downvoted when I meant to upvote so I had to right my wrong haha

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