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Hayths 0 karma August 2014
Fair enough, as a microbiologist I have never found use of it. However, have you considered using a large spool of measuring tape instead?
Hayths -4 karma August 2014
Like Pythagoras theorem? 24 years on, still haven't found a use for the bloody thing!
Hayths -2 karma July 2014
At least three folk have added me... Only one dirty snapchat so far though.
Hayths +4 karma July 2014
Touché man, that is one hairy set of bollocks you have.
Hayths -1 karma July 2014
Well, my snapchat is "hayths". I eagerly await your testicles good sir.
Hayths +3 karma July 2014
And by trailer, I mean cardboard box.
Hayths -1 karma July 2014
At my work place we are allowed a 10 minute break in the afternoon, whether you want to get a drink and something to eat or go for a fag is your choice, so it's an extra break for everyone. I have never worked anywhere that only accomadated an extra break for smokers.
Hayths -6 karma June 2014
I actually went to see this today, and couldn't help but get a fuck load of rage when I initially saw her, and then punched my date in the throat when I figured out who it was.
Hayths 0 karma May 2014
What would cause more damage, a nokia 3310 or Thors hammer?
Hayths +1 karma May 2014
It's strange, for someone to open with "I think homosexuality is wrong", and then to agree with what he is saying, this is the sort of shit that you rarely see.
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idunno1997 0 karmaMay 2014

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