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HelloImSomeone 0 karma January 2013
People's parents actually tell them that?
HelloImSomeone +1 karma January 2013
For me the worst case of this was "I Am Legend". I adored that short story, it was amazing. The movie was... good, but it just didn't get the same feel at all.

Looking forward to the upcoming "The Great Gatsby" movie though. Book was dreadful but the movie looks like it actually might be good.
HelloImSomeone 0 karma January 2013
I thought that his hand bleeding seemed kind of unexpected, but it worked out very well.
HelloImSomeone +1 karma January 2013
Yeah this is likely a case of a guy and a girl who were friends while they dated other people and then ended up going for eachother eventually. Happened with my brother.

Not really friendzoned
HelloImSomeone +3 karma January 2013
Wait, does this mean we're getting some kind of Ikea Monkey porn parody?
HelloImSomeone +1 karma January 2013
I'm 6'5" and 250 and my hand fits. You're doing something wrong my friend.
HelloImSomeone +1 karma January 2013
Nothing is "stolen" from Reddit. It was put on the internet. If people find it funny it's going to be EVERYWHERE in a manner of minutes.
HelloImSomeone -5 karma January 2013
Yeah! Damn those money grabbin' bastards employing a legitimate and wise business strategy!
HelloImSomeone +2 karma January 2013
So...instead of trying to break free from that social awkwardness, just stand around on your phone ignoring the people right in front of you?

Good plan.
HelloImSomeone -5 karma January 2013
Then comes the idea of titty-fucking
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