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JKSMYTH -1 karma December 2012
how many times are you going to say the same dumb thing about this not being an example of evolution?....when you clearly know that snakes evolved from lizards....you make no sense.
JKSMYTH -3 karma December 2012
reddit is for grownups lol. Joined this site today....bored already....back to reddit lol
JKSMYTH 0 karma December 2012
wasn't the original 12/21/12 in reference to the date the Mayan calender ends? aka....when the crazies think the world will end. this is the first one of the series that I've seen with 12/12/12....though I am brand new to Tickld....so maybe the messed up the joke from the start. Saw the first meme on a different site....definitely was 12/21/12
JKSMYTH +2 karma December 2012
well....except in the UK....there's are completely backwards from ours in that format...it was really confusing to study abroad in Ireland....due dates just seemed made up lol
JKSMYTH -3 karma December 2012
it's on 12/21/12....there is no 21st month. Fyi, month goes first in this system of writing dates...nice correction attempt though.
JKSMYTH +1 karma December 2012
it is a Black Widow, the markings are different on a Redback....more importantly, the markings are on the back....where as this photo clearly shows the underside. Yes, it is certainly a Black Widow. People just like to act like they know more than the do even when an image is quite clearly identifiable.

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