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Janeyness 0 karma December 2013
If somebody wrote that in the lid of my pizza I'd invite them out for a drink that very night. Anyone with that sort of sense of humour is my kinda person :)
Janeyness 0 karma November 2013
I have this exact problem..
Janeyness -1 karma October 2013
Thats how I win every game
Janeyness 0 karma September 2013
Ah, I understand, I haven't read the comics.
Janeyness -2 karma September 2013
By 'cosmic cube', do you mean the Tesseract? (unsure of the spelling)
Janeyness 0 karma September 2013
I just read that as child powder.. was very confused for a moment.
Janeyness -3 karma September 2013
Am I the only one who wants to kick Howard in the balls?
Janeyness +6 karma September 2013
Everything is more fun with sex - especially cuddling.
Janeyness 0 karma September 2013
I used to love this show :)
Janeyness 0 karma September 2013
Often enough that my boyfriend thinks I might leave him for the game...
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