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JrodCampbell20 -1 karma December 2012
Am I really the only one who noticed it says "IS has value" instead of "IT has value?"
JrodCampbell20 0 karma December 2012
I don't even get it.
JrodCampbell20 +4 karma December 2012
I hope they rotate which one wears the left shirt. Otherwise the other two are gonna murder the first one when they get old enough...
JrodCampbell20 +1 karma December 2012
And a promise ring of lies...
JrodCampbell20 0 karma December 2012
Yes I have no clue why I put Wilson. Haha
JrodCampbell20 0 karma December 2012
Inception, anyone?
JrodCampbell20 +1 karma November 2012
It's TJ Wilson, and this is a show called "Mash-Up" that's on after Tosh.0 on Tuesday's on Comedy Central. Very funny show. Just started up.
JrodCampbell20 0 karma November 2012
Well fuck you America. You're so boring.
JrodCampbell20 +1 karma November 2012
Her username has Zelda in it, so her boyfriend is probably virtual.

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