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deadpoetkeats 0 karma4 days ago
Psst,i think i got down voted for making a joke at you. Your fame still holds up. That or people hate game grumps, that can't be true.
Kitya [m] -1 karma4 days ago
I don't think that's the case, hon. Your second theory might be more valid, but the first isn't.
deadpoetkeats 0 karma4 days ago
Shhhhhhhhhhh. I actually Don't understand all the hate going on in that post.
HalfAnothersDozen 0 karma5 days agoYeeeaahhhh!
*Looks at kitya's karma. Looks at Dozen's karma.*
Kitya [m] +1 karma5 days ago
HalfAnothersDozen 0 karma5 days ago
I can't. I gave it all to cho bc I wanted a comment about killing babies in the top comments.
FreakyPaul 0 karma2 weeks ago
I could fap to your picture until I'm raw. whoops, already did
Kitya [m] +2 karma2 weeks ago
Didn't take long hey
AstroMikeDexter [m] 0 karma2 weeks ago
Thanks for the kityarmas. Luv u.
Kitya [m] +1 karma2 weeks ago
<3 u more bbg
KingOfHere [m] +3 karma4 weeks ago
Don't die from fire kityer, we're the only two uses on all of tickld with names beginning with k so you can't leave me
Kitya [m] +1 karma4 weeks ago
Nobody's died yet and I dont intend to be the first :)
KingOfHere [m] +1 karma4 weeks agoYou're Welcome
I'll mail over some water to help out
Addedand thats good
Kitya [m] +1 karma4 weeks ago
Your water has saved us all!
KingOfHere [m] +1 karma4 weeks agoHero
Tickld mods, ever helpful
Kitya [m] +5 karma4 weeks ago
I dont know who will see this, but:

I've had a few messages about the fires here (basically - South Australia fucking caught fire big time), here's my quick general reply:
We're fine, but it's right up our ass at the moment. We've packed the car to evacuate and are waiting a little longer to see when we should go (other suburbs were ordered to clear out first). There is smoke all over the place, people are out in the street honking their horns to wake everyone else up (it's 4AM by the way) and shit is cray. But all's good. Much love!
P.S - yes, i saved the alcohol. It was one of the first things i loaded up into the car. Priorities.
Kitya [m] +2 karma4 weeks ago
Updating here because why the hell not:
We havent had to evacuate. The suburbs around us did, and we were the "next to go" twice (the fire basically came close, fucked off in another direction, came back, fucked off again). Everyone here is OK. Nothing worse than a bit of smoke inhalation (which is a bitch; dont inhale smoke). We've also got a family here who were evacuated from their home, and they're all unhurt too.
Due to the huge amount of animals that have been lost/hurt/killed, I'm volunteering to help SA Veterinary Emergency Management (SAVEM) for the next few days - but at the moment the fire is preventing them from getting into the major areas of interest.
The Sampson Flat fire has been upgraded to a level 3 (it's about 13km away), but the fires nearer me are mostly 1s, which is good.
So pretty good at the moment. Fire can suck my dick.
AddedOh! And nobody's been killed - yay!

Lots of homes lost though, sadly
chosimbaaaa +4 karma2 weeks agoDidn't Read LOL
Kitya [m] +2 karma2 weeks ago
U stalkin me cho
chosimbaaaa +1 karma2 weeks ago
AddedSo what?
Bardock366 0 karma4 weeks ago
Talked you once like a looooooong time ago but stay safe!
KingOfHere [m] +2 karmalast monthShock (Bird)
this is a robbery, hand over all your upvotes or I'll shoot your possum
Tryx 0 karmalast month
Thanks for the karma.
notfarenough 0 karmalast month
When did you change your avatar?
AddedI'd like an answer in GMT please.
Kitya [m] +1 karmalast month
Approximately Wednesday, December 17th, at approximately 11:30PM GMT

Better known as Thursday, December 18th, at approximately 10AM

(Dunno if the maths is right, it's 8AM and I can't be arsed to check.)
AddedI was going out for dinner with mates and I was like "Damn I'm lookin fine tonight" and snapped selfies. Also, it's being used as a "before" shot because I'm having my hair dyed today
AddedI was going out for dinner with mates and I was like "Damn I'm lookin fine tonight" and snapped selfies. Also, it's being used as a "before" shot because I'm having my hair dyed today
notfarenough 0 karmalast month
It's 2:45AM here and I'm not inclined to check either. Thank you for your detailed answer, it was everything I'd hoped for and more. What colour are you getting it dyed?
Kitya [m] 0 karmalast month
It's bright red at the moment :) Doesn't show well in the new avatar though :(
notfarenough +1 karmalast month
Looks good to me. I wouldn't really know though, as a male who isn't an attention seeking faggot I've never dyed my hair.
ViciousTugBoat 0 karmalast monthThumb Up (Sylvester)
Kitya! You're alive! We all thought the Australian killers had finally got you!
Kitya [m] +1 karmalast month
I am torn between my love of your username
my hatred of being informed that I am alive.

I know that bro, I'm there when it's happening.
MattiasVindevoghel 0 karmalast month
gratz with 380 bookmarks
Kitya [m] +1 karmalast month
Thanks i worked hard
MattiasVindevoghel 0 karmalast month
No problem xoxo
KingOfHere [m] -5 karma2 gift!last month
Hi there Kityer any chance you could lend your dear friend KingOfHere some karma? Thanksss
Kitya [m] +2 karmalast month
There u go bbg
KingOfHere [m] -1 karmalast month
ty I'll be number 1 in no time xox
MattiasVindevoghel -1 karmalast month
KingOfHere [m] -1 karmalast month
MattiasVindevoghel -1 karmalast month
Please, I need purple text D:
KingOfHere [m] -1 karmalast month
there, I upvoted your two comments, you're welcome
MattiasVindevoghel +1 karmalast monthAll Aboard The Feels Train
only 4.000 to go
npeggsy 0 karmalast monthApplause (Despicable Me)
thank-you for the karma!
Kitya [m] +1 karmalast month
No worries! I just loved you for saying it :)
theGandhiman 0 karmalast month
how come you don't post your old OC stuff anymore? I swear yours was the first consistent themed OC
Kitya [m] 0 karmalast month
Haha thanks :) guess it wore a bit thin for me. Felt like people cared more about who was posting (either positively or negatively) than the content, which isnt why i was doing it, so I stopped.
theGandhiman 0 karmalast month
Fair enough. A comeback wouldn't go amiss though :P
al_goonie +10 karma10 gift!last month
Happy Birthday Kitya, I remembered in a totally not creepy way, cos it's a day late, but something here reminded me it was your birthday
Kitya [m] +1 karmalast month
Thank you! Sorry about the late reply. Have karma.
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