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I'm utterly gay for wildlife. I'm a student of animal sciences and a wildlife carer with Fauna Rescue, focusing on brushtail and ringtail possum orphans. I'm also a slave of the hospitality industry and a senior cast member of the theatre troupe Shouts.

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  • I win.
  • Dishonor on you, dishonor on your cow...
  • I'm going to have this read out at my funeral
  • I do wake up light headed though
  • yay!
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  • not mine but im spreading the laughter
  • All the time.
  • Monday needs a laugh
  • Washoe the Chimp
  • A calcified dove from Lake Natron
  • Damn that's a fine boat.

Recent Activity

Kitya +1 karma 3 hours ago
Kitya -1 karma 3 hours ago
Well fuck you with an iron rake. I'm only just learning about this and it's the 20th now.
Kitya +1 karma 3 hours ago
Fucking hell, we've really all just given up on being taken seriously
Kitya +17 karma 16 hours ago
Kitya +1 karma 16 hours ago
601, fuk u mate.

but i shall make the vid at some point anyway, for i love you.
Kitya +16 karma 16 hours ago
this brings me immeasurable joy
Kitya +2 karma 17 hours ago
they fuckin found my home address on their own!

(Well, technically they were off - they named a house further down the road from mine - BUT THAT'S STILL WAY TOO FUCKING CLOSE)
Kitya -1 karma 19 hours ago
You have a marvelous day.
Kitya +4 karma 20 hours ago
Finding my facebook and sending stuff there. Even non-trolly stuff. Random "friendly" messages from people I dont know is way over the line
Kitya +1 karma 20 hours ago
It's an irritating emptied-out word that lost its meaning when that annoying 'murica trend started
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Davy_Crocket 0 karma4 days ago
I could favourite you as a user and you'd reach the big 600 but first, you'd have to record a video of yourself eating a sandwich without any vegemite on it. Are you up to the task?
Kitya [m] +1 karma16 hours ago
601, fuk u mate.

but i shall make the vid at some point anyway, for i love you.
HalfAnothersDozen 0 karma1 weeks ago
Can you please start posting more? I will punch anyone who calls you "Queen", but we need more of your brain spills dropped on the vote page? K? Good talk.
Kitya [m] 0 karma6 days ago
I forgot to reply to this because I love you.

I want to, but the inspiration isn't there :( Maybe these holidays (this is my last week of uni before mid-semester break) I'll get up and do something.
HalfAnothersDozen 0 karma6 days ago
Well how can I "inspire" you?
Kitya [m] 0 karma4 days ago
snappy musical numbers would be nice
HalfAnothersDozen 0 karma4 days ago
I can sing a rock a tutu but my dance moves leave a little to be desired.

You good with Abba?
McMercJR 0 karma2 weeks ago
I think I might've seen you say that you just had show week. How'd that go?
Kitya [m] +1 karma2 weeks ago
Yeeess I did, in fact :) It was amazing, definitely one of our best seasons! Plus I got a special mention from the director of all gang shows in Australia and New Zealand (we're a gang show; just means we're sponsored by the Scouts) and a (good) mention in the review! It was crazy crazy crazy because that sort of thing never happens to me and now I'm blathering.

But now I've got such a theatre hangover. I don't want to go back to the real world, noo :(
McMercJR 0 karma2 weeks ago
That's awesome, well done :) how big is getting a special mention in the review?
Good luck for the real world. :P
Kitya [m] 0 karma1 weeks ago
(typos everywhere. re-commenting)

Just a quick one in the Adelaide Theatre Guide, with two other mains (we were all in a love-triangle together): "The highlight for me was [other skit], and also the quick-fire dialogue between Julio, Romiet and Veronica - obviously well-rehearsed and well-executed all."

The other one (from the director of all Aus and NZ shows) was: "This is the most unique show. You're the only one with fire dancing. You're the only one with a storyline first half. And you're the only one with Kat and Nathan" (he played Julio).

It was awesome :') I was a very happy possum.
Kitya 0 karma1 weeks ago
This comment has been deleted.
Searley_Bear 0 karma3 weeks agoFreakout
20k karma?! AAAAHHHH!!!!
Kitya [m] +1 karma3 weeks ago
Searley_Bear +1 karma3 weeks ago
I've been following you, waiting for this moment.
Martony [m] 0 karma3 weeks ago
Hey, thanks for the karmallamalade!
AshKanenald +1 karma4 weeks ago
Thanks for balancing out my negative karma onslaught! You're tops.
CROCKSCREW 0 karma4 weeks ago
Hey so fartmcdickshit gave me 561 people to talk to, you're 1 of the 10 I picked so lets like talk or some shit. OP:
jfjfjfjf 0 karma4 weeks ago
You are a very generous gifted of karma. Thank you
jfjfjfjf 0 karma4 weeks ago
This comment has been deleted.
lous1 +1 karma4 weeks ago
Good evening to you milady *Tips fedora* would a beautiful specimen such as yourself care to partake in the trivial activity of conversation with me? Oh my! It's seems we've accidentally started already. Slow down there, or your personality might start outshining your radiant looks!
santino158 0 karmalast monthEyebrows Zoom
you look like a lychee... this is a good thing as lychees are fucking awesome!
Kitya [m] +3 karma5 weeks ago
I feel like a lychee so it all works out
santino158 +1 karma5 weeks agoDid we just become best friends?
this worked out ever so well... i'm glad we did this

i feel like we have a connection now
SquishyBooot +1 karmalast month
Bestiality is wrong. Please desist.
Kitya [m] +3 karmalast month
andyroowho [m] 0 karmalast month
Thanks for the marms. You're a classy broad.
Kitya [m] +2 karmalast monthShut Up Baby I Know It
HalfAnothersDozen +3 karmalast month
lol kityuh, y no make make angry animals posts>>>????
AddedJust kidding. Told you I would hit a weird night. Hope all the animals are well.
Kitya [m] +3 karmalast month
You broke my heart and now I can't forgive you. I thought you were better than this. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
HalfAnothersDozen +1 karmalast month
Um, my bad? (i was like drunnkkkk do not remember that comment)
HalfAnothersDozen 0 karmalast month
Wait, did I actually upset you?
Kitya [m] +3 karmalast month
Hahahaha no, dude, of course you didnt. I dont think anyone in the world is that fragile
Wallyballjacker [m] +1 karmalast month
There was a girl that I used to work with... she got offended because i told her that her jacket was stinking up the breakroom and that it shouldn't be in there. Her house had a skunk under it, and her jacket smelled like skunk. She was still offended by that statement.
jfjfjfjf 0 karma4 weeks ago
Dude that's pretty offensive. The classy thing to do would be to hand her some deodorant or something to spray all over the stinky jacket.
andyroowho [m] 0 karmaJuly 2014
*poke* why u no tweet anymore???
Kitya [m] 0 karmaJuly 2014
got bored of it brooo. I've been thinking of starting up again soon though
andyroowho [m] 0 karmaJuly 2014
I have to use twitter a lot for work... following interesting people like you cuts through the monotony.
Kitya [m] +1 karmaJuly 2014
OH YOU. Okay, I'll zip back in over the next few days. Probably.
tambul 0 karmalast month
dont mean to sound creepy or anything, but what are your twitter accounts guys? i dont follow any ticklrs :/
andyroowho [m] 0 karmalast month
Haha mine is @ajamesmccarthy but I mainly just tweet work stuff. Feel free to follow though I'll follow you back :)
tambul +1 karmalast month
there you go! I'm the handsome brown guy that just followed you ;) (@tahmidwadud)
andyroowho [m] 0 karmalast month
Cool. Followed you back.
tambul 0 karmalast month
thanks man. Kitya, any chance i can follow you too? i dont know what you're called on twittter though :/
Kitya [m] +1 karmalast month
Oops sorry mate, thought I'd already replied. @TickldKitya
Added(sorry my first "return" tweet is so depressing; it's been a sad night D:)
tambul 0 karmalast month
cheers :) wow, you've done like 1 tweet in the last million years haha
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