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Sex Female
Age 19
Location Australia
Ticklr since February 2013

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I'm utterly gay for wildlife. I'm a student of animal sciences and a wildlife carer with Fauna Rescue, focusing on brushtail and ringtail possum orphans. I'm also a slave of the hospitality industry and a senior cast member of the theatre troupe Shouts. SHOW WEEK IN 1 WEEK, *****ES.

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Kitya 0 karma 2 hours ago
Kitya +1 karma 8 hours ago
I keep hearing that and it keeps failing to be true. All I post is OC, so a significant portion of it dies on the Vote page.

Difference is, I delete them and either try again later, or pretend it never happened.
Kitya 0 karma 8 hours ago
That's still not fuckin much, let's be real here
Kitya 0 karma 8 hours ago
Hand-raised Kangaroo Island roo. Not a common species and certainly not displaying natural behaviour.

That being said, she still punched me in the neck. Kangaroos are assholes.
Kitya +2 karma 21 hours ago
I found it very strange in America that people talked so much about their "Scottish roots" or "English heritage", and were referring to something from centuries ago. I don't think you can really say you're influenced or defined by something so far displaced.
I'm not influenced by my heritage in any particular way (half English, half Aussie - something Scottish further down the line, too, but that's all I know). I'd never fuckin say I've got any attachment to any of those countries, other than Australia, which would be because I ... I live here. Nothing more sentimental than that.
AddedThat being said, it is cool to know where you came from. For example, my surname comes from a Scottish clan whose motto was "suffer bravely" and sigil was a swan. They were the fuckin punching bags of Scotland, by the sounds of it.

But again - I would never say I'm "part Scottish" or any of that shit.
Kitya +1 karma 22 hours ago
I'm collectively referring to my theatre troupe as a person. I started performing when I was 8 - my mum made me audition to help me "come out of my shell". Now I've been with a total of four different troupes over 11 years. But the one I'm with at the moment - Shouts - is easily the one that flipped that shy, quiet little kid into some fucking weird loud bitch. And that's nice of them.
Kitya +8 karma 22 hours ago
I really don't care that it's your decision, either.
Kitya 0 karma Yesterday
Kitya 0 karma Yesterday
Being stuck outside in 47 degree weather and having one Golden Gaytime with you for relief - which you proceed to drop on concrete due to sweaty hands.

Tearing up just talking about it. So melty. So good. So gone.
Kitya +1 karma Yesterday
Broad shoulders!
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AshKanenald +1 karma3 days ago
Thanks for balancing out my negative karma onslaught! You're tops.
CROCKSCREW 0 karma4 days ago
Hey so fartmcdickshit gave me 561 people to talk to, you're 1 of the 10 I picked so lets like talk or some shit. OP:
jfjfjfjf 0 karma5 days ago
You are a very generous gifted of karma. Thank you
jfjfjfjf 0 karma1 weeks ago
This comment has been deleted.
lous1 0 karma2 weeks ago
Good evening to you milady *Tips fedora* would a beautiful specimen such as yourself care to partake in the trivial activity of conversation with me? Oh my! It's seems we've accidentally started already. Slow down there, or your personality might start outshining your radiant looks!
santino158 0 karma2 weeks agoEyebrows Zoom
you look like a lychee... this is a good thing as lychees are fucking awesome!
Kitya [m] +2 karma2 weeks ago
I feel like a lychee so it all works out
santino158 0 karma2 weeks agoDid we just become best friends?
this worked out ever so well... i'm glad we did this

i feel like we have a connection now
SquishyBooot +1 karma2 weeks ago
Bestiality is wrong. Please desist.
Kitya [m] +2 karma2 weeks ago
andyroowho [m] 0 karma3 weeks ago
Thanks for the marms. You're a classy broad.
Kitya [m] +1 karma3 weeks agoShut Up Baby I Know It
HalfAnothersDozen +2 karma3 weeks ago
lol kityuh, y no make make angry animals posts>>>????
AddedJust kidding. Told you I would hit a weird night. Hope all the animals are well.
Kitya [m] +3 karma3 weeks ago
You broke my heart and now I can't forgive you. I thought you were better than this. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
HalfAnothersDozen +1 karma3 weeks ago
Um, my bad? (i was like drunnkkkk do not remember that comment)
HalfAnothersDozen 0 karma3 weeks ago
Wait, did I actually upset you?
Kitya [m] +3 karma3 weeks ago
Hahahaha no, dude, of course you didnt. I dont think anyone in the world is that fragile
Wallyballjacker [m] +1 karma2 weeks ago
There was a girl that I used to work with... she got offended because i told her that her jacket was stinking up the breakroom and that it shouldn't be in there. Her house had a skunk under it, and her jacket smelled like skunk. She was still offended by that statement.
jfjfjfjf 0 karma6 days ago
Dude that's pretty offensive. The classy thing to do would be to hand her some deodorant or something to spray all over the stinky jacket.
andyroowho [m] 0 karmalast month
*poke* why u no tweet anymore???
Kitya [m] 0 karmalast month
got bored of it brooo. I've been thinking of starting up again soon though
andyroowho [m] 0 karmalast month
I have to use twitter a lot for work... following interesting people like you cuts through the monotony.
Kitya [m] +1 karmalast month
OH YOU. Okay, I'll zip back in over the next few days. Probably.
tambul 0 karmalast month
dont mean to sound creepy or anything, but what are your twitter accounts guys? i dont follow any ticklrs :/
andyroowho [m] 0 karmalast month
Haha mine is @ajamesmccarthy but I mainly just tweet work stuff. Feel free to follow though I'll follow you back :)
tambul +1 karmalast month
there you go! I'm the handsome brown guy that just followed you ;) (@tahmidwadud)
andyroowho [m] 0 karmalast month
Cool. Followed you back.
tambul 0 karmalast month
thanks man. Kitya, any chance i can follow you too? i dont know what you're called on twittter though :/
Kitya [m] +1 karmalast month
Oops sorry mate, thought I'd already replied. @TickldKitya
Added(sorry my first "return" tweet is so depressing; it's been a sad night D:)
tambul 0 karmalast month
cheers :) wow, you've done like 1 tweet in the last million years haha
chosimbaaaa +2 karmalast month
Some twat made a post that reminded me of you
Kitya [m] +1 karmalast month
HAHA das beautiful. and you watermarked my name under yours, I fuckin lovee you cho.
chosimbaaaa +1 karmalast month
"Nice watermarking." "Was this Kitya's originally?!" LOL!
Kitya [m] +1 karmalast month
well clearly it was gawd when have you ever done anything original?
chosimbaaaa 0 karmalast month
Don't knock it, everyone knows the easiest way to get blue text is by reposting!
KingOfHere [m] +1 karmalast month
Kitya, I'm going to have to ask that you stop sending scantily clad images of yourself to horny male ticklrs putting up their snapchats. I understand that you're trying to be nice and all but these guys are like the plague. Please respect yourself moar and them less, yours sincerely, a concerned fellow ticklr whose username also begins with a k and is therefore a kindred spirit whom you'll listen to. Thank you.
Kitya [m] +4 karmalast month
You know what? Fuck you, I'm proud of my body and I want to show it off.

In fact I've just taken another (same pose, same outfit, same everything) and I'm posting it here just to spite my kindred spirit.

KingOfHere [m] +3 karmalast monthNot Happy
You have disappointed me kindred spirit, you know they'll only beg for more after seeing this. I would deactivate your now pornographic account, but I'll let nature take its course and hopefully you'll learn from your mistakes, and one day come to realise that I was only trying to help.
Kitya [m] 0 karmalast month
i dun fink ur reddy 4 dis jelly
KingOfHere [m] +1 karmalast monthNom
Don't spoil jelly for me with your foul euphemisms.
comeonbro 0 karmalast month
Aaaaaand 38 notifications later, i'm clinging to what little hope i have left that that guy will heed his own declarations and quit responding to that thread.
Kitya [m] +1 karmalast month
He won't, trust me.

I got sick of his constant commenting (especially seeing as it's basically now just trolling) and blocked him. He can't reply to me anymore, which in a cool chain-reaction thing means he can't reply to pretty much anything on that whole massive commentfest.

Good times, though
al_goonie 0 karmalast month
"You're a sunflower in a kitten field" congratulations that is quite possibly the best thing I've read all day
Kitya [m] +1 karmalast month
Why thank you! The imagery amused me for eons.

Not seconds. Not minutes. Eons.
MattiasVindevoghel 0 karmalast month
How do you feel about having more favourites than the admin of the site?
Kitya [m] +1 karmalast month
I am building my army.

In all seriousness, let's have a sentimental moment because I've been asked this a bit and ^that^ is more or less my default answer. Honestly, though, it hasn't really sunk in at all. I don't even remember until someone brings it up, like this. Like, when it first became viewable, I just stared at my laptop for ages like "that can't be right, how has that even happened". And then I assumed it was probably a pretty standard number, so the more I snooped the more unreal it got, so it's like I'm not that aware of it being a real thing, even though that makes no sense. It doesn't, here's a summary: I can't wrap my head around that number, i don't know how it happened, and the more I think about it, the less I know what to say about it. which is why this turned into diarrhoea of the keyboard.
MattiasVindevoghel 0 karmalast month
Ha, I think it's a combination of things. You have a nice personality and you get to take care of cute (and not so cute?) animals all day. Tickld loves animals.
I don't know if you saw it, but you have been reffered to as the animal godess of tickld.
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