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Animal science student, slave of the hospitality industry, and for some reason I can ride a unicycle. I also raise orphaned Australian possums. Currently got five gorgeous brushies in care.

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Kitya 0 karma 44 minutes ago
8 bottles of self-tanner leftover from work. mmmmmyay
Kitya +1 karma 45 minutes ago
Concerto in G Minor.
Kitya 0 karma 53 minutes ago
"I have a boyfgirl."

Couldn't decide whether saying boyfriend or girlfriend would be more effective. So that happened.
Kitya +1 karma 55 minutes ago
"I'm never going to have a baby. I'm never going to be a person challis. And that's not fair, all I have is a penis." - a friend of mine, wasted off his non-existent tits and wishing he was a mother
Addedoh shit sorry i misquoted, he said "and that's nor fair, my penis is in the way".
Kitya 0 karma 1 hour ago
Same eyes as me! Central heterochromia yo
Kitya 0 karma 8 hours ago
"Karmalade" has left me speechless.

I can't top this. That's finale, folks. Take a bow. Curtain down. Everyone wash off your makeup and get back into your civvies for bump-out, we gotta pull these sets down before midnight. Chop chop.
Kitya 0 karma 9 hours ago
ohhkay, so you especially'd the especially especially
Kitya +2 karma 11 hours ago
Fucking right? I was commentbombing every post with guns of wit to get somewhere in the top 10 for blue text, and suddenly ohhhhhhhh nooooo
Kitya +2 karma 11 hours ago
Or you can do it the old fashioned way and write all your comments in smurf blood, like so
AddedTriiippllee comment
Kitya 0 karma 11 hours ago

This comment has been deleted.

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andyroowho [m] 0 karma4 days ago
*poke* why u no tweet anymore???
Kitya [m] 0 karma3 days ago
got bored of it brooo. I've been thinking of starting up again soon though
andyroowho [m] 0 karma3 days ago
I have to use twitter a lot for work... following interesting people like you cuts through the monotony.
Kitya [m] 0 karma2 days ago
OH YOU. Okay, I'll zip back in over the next few days. Probably.
tambul +1 karma2 days ago
dont mean to sound creepy or anything, but what are your twitter accounts guys? i dont follow any ticklrs :/
andyroowho [m] +1 karma2 days ago
Haha mine is @ajamesmccarthy but I mainly just tweet work stuff. Feel free to follow though I'll follow you back :)
tambul +1 karma2 days ago
there you go! I'm the handsome brown guy that just followed you ;) (@tahmidwadud)
andyroowho [m] +1 karma2 days ago
Cool. Followed you back.
tambul +1 karmaYesterday
thanks man. Kitya, any chance i can follow you too? i dont know what you're called on twittter though :/
Kitya [m] +1 karmaYesterday
Oops sorry mate, thought I'd already replied. @TickldKitya
Added(sorry my first "return" tweet is so depressing; it's been a sad night D:)
tambul +1 karmaYesterday
cheers :) wow, you've done like 1 tweet in the last million years haha
chosimbaaaa 0 karma5 days ago
Some twat made a post that reminded me of you
Kitya [m] 0 karma5 days ago
HAHA das beautiful. and you watermarked my name under yours, I fuckin lovee you cho.
chosimbaaaa 0 karma5 days ago
"Nice watermarking." "Was this Kitya's originally?!" LOL!
Kitya [m] +1 karma4 days ago
well clearly it was gawd when have you ever done anything original?
chosimbaaaa 0 karma4 days ago
Don't knock it, everyone knows the easiest way to get blue text is by reposting!
KingOfHere [m] 0 karma5 days ago
Kitya, I'm going to have to ask that you stop sending scantily clad images of yourself to horny male ticklrs putting up their snapchats. I understand that you're trying to be nice and all but these guys are like the plague. Please respect yourself moar and them less, yours sincerely, a concerned fellow ticklr whose username also begins with a k and is therefore a kindred spirit whom you'll listen to. Thank you.
Kitya [m] +1 karma5 days ago
You know what? Fuck you, I'm proud of my body and I want to show it off.

In fact I've just taken another (same pose, same outfit, same everything) and I'm posting it here just to spite my kindred spirit.

KingOfHere [m] +1 karma5 days agoNot Happy
You have disappointed me kindred spirit, you know they'll only beg for more after seeing this. I would deactivate your now pornographic account, but I'll let nature take its course and hopefully you'll learn from your mistakes, and one day come to realise that I was only trying to help.
Kitya [m] 0 karma5 days ago
i dun fink ur reddy 4 dis jelly
KingOfHere [m] +1 karma5 days agoNom
Don't spoil jelly for me with your foul euphemisms.
comeonbro 0 karma5 days ago
Aaaaaand 38 notifications later, i'm clinging to what little hope i have left that that guy will heed his own declarations and quit responding to that thread.
Kitya [m] +1 karma5 days ago
He won't, trust me.

I got sick of his constant commenting (especially seeing as it's basically now just trolling) and blocked him. He can't reply to me anymore, which in a cool chain-reaction thing means he can't reply to pretty much anything on that whole massive commentfest.

Good times, though
al_goonie 0 karma6 days ago
"You're a sunflower in a kitten field" congratulations that is quite possibly the best thing I've read all day
Kitya [m] +1 karma5 days ago
Why thank you! The imagery amused me for eons.

Not seconds. Not minutes. Eons.
MattiasVindevoghel 0 karma6 days ago
How do you feel about having more favourites than the admin of the site?
Kitya [m] +1 karma5 days ago
I am building my army.

In all seriousness, let's have a sentimental moment because I've been asked this a bit and ^that^ is more or less my default answer. Honestly, though, it hasn't really sunk in at all. I don't even remember until someone brings it up, like this. Like, when it first became viewable, I just stared at my laptop for ages like "that can't be right, how has that even happened". And then I assumed it was probably a pretty standard number, so the more I snooped the more unreal it got, so it's like I'm not that aware of it being a real thing, even though that makes no sense. It doesn't, here's a summary: I can't wrap my head around that number, i don't know how it happened, and the more I think about it, the less I know what to say about it. which is why this turned into diarrhoea of the keyboard.
MattiasVindevoghel 0 karma5 days ago
Ha, I think it's a combination of things. You have a nice personality and you get to take care of cute (and not so cute?) animals all day. Tickld loves animals.
I don't know if you saw it, but you have been reffered to as the animal godess of tickld.
Paulamon92 +1 karma1 weeks ago
What I think I enjoy most about this guy is that when there is a downvote, it's blatant who it was haha. Or the girl who went to hos profile to express how wonderful he is.
You're argument stands! And because I can't be bothered wasted my time on him any longer I won't be commenting anymore (maybe the odd one here or there if I check) I kept going to upvote etc but I have reached my max for the day. Thanks for the common sense!
Kitya [m] +1 karma6 days ago
Yeah I probably won't be commenting much either. I actually just closed my laptop and left to play with a baby possum for a while
Kitya [m] +1 karma6 days ago
He sent me a PM, by the way. As per the rules of 12 Year Old Argument Strategies. It said, "Are you ok? Seriously."

All I said was that changing outfits often does not make you insecure.

This is fucking brilliant. But he's so far gone from the original point that it's just pointless to try to keep up. The trains don't go where he lives.
Paulamon92 +1 karma6 days ago
Are you for real? Hahahahah, oh my goodness. I did see how it went from what we were actually talking about to something irrelevant. I mostly see this when people just can''t handle it any more, so they must find something else.

At least it is entertaining!
AddedP BLOODY S - YOU HAVE A BABY POSSUM!? The UK officially sucks!
Kitya [m] +1 karma6 days ago
It was pretty good fun!
And yeah I'm in wildlife rescue, I've got 5 orphaned brushtail possums. 4 of them are almost adults now but this is my little baby girl :3 They're jerks when they're adults but they're so bloody sweet at this age
Paulamon92 0 karma6 days ago
Ah, I would love to do that. I'm a Social Work student. If I could handle animals being in pain or dying I would have went into veterinary things or animal rescue organisations, but the minute I see them hurt or dead I literally think about it for months and it tears me to pieces. I just donate and do what I can from a distance. Wish I could grow some balls!
ThunderRaptor 0 karma2 weeks ago
Hello Kitya, you commented very passionately on my post earlier, which even though you were opposing my post I respect greatly. Just wanted to say first of all, it's good to actually see that you exist, I've only heard of you from legends and rumors, some say you live in a tree with an army of marsupials, others say you are the true queen of Australia. The second thing is if you want to ask me anything about that post, my intentions, the meaning or anything else which may not have come through in the post itself then here I am, willing to answer.
Kitya [m] 0 karma2 weeks ago
Nah man it's all cool, nothing like a bit of debate and whatnot. If I have any questions I'll post another reply to this comment of yours (or message you, I guess, might be easier) but I think all's cool.
ThunderRaptor 0 karma2 weeks ago
Alrighty then Kitya, get in touch anytime. You have a nice day now.
ManPersonFaceGuy 0 karma2 weeks ago
Who are you and why does your name sound familiar?
Kitya [m] 0 karma2 weeks ago
I am a spider who has found a laptop, and is gradually learning the choreography required to operate a keyboard with eight legs
Kitya [m] 0 karma2 weeks ago
I have eight legs, that is. The keyboard has none.
ManPersonFaceGuy 0 karma2 weeks ago
Ahhhh, that cleared some things up. I thought you were a sponge who lived in a pineapple and became self aware.
Kitya [m] 0 karma2 weeks ago
ManPersonFaceGuy 0 karma2 weeks ago
I- I'm sorry! I though that since you could became self aware you could operate a computer with your mind using some type of psychic sponge energy! Please don't hurt me!?!!
Kitya [m] 0 karma2 weeks ago
ManPersonFaceGuy 0 karma2 weeks ago
But they are similar, if I were playing some type of letter guessing game you see the confusion that could happen, it could have lost me the game, my debts would come back to me, and then I'd be forced to sell my house and live IN A GIANT PINEAPPLE
fourcorners +1 karma2 weeks ago
Sorry about the whole possum thing. I really have only seen American possums before. It was before 8am in the morning here and I felt I had infallible knowledge of possumdom from my few sightings. It never occurred to me that they exist in other countries and in other forms. Had I been fully awake, I would have still have believed it wasn't a possum, but I wouldn't have commented because I know for fuck's sake that my possum lore is sketchy at best and there are more possum-versed players in Tickld than I. And with this final sentence, I now have used the word possum more times in one conversation than I possibly have in my entire life. Keep up the good work
Kitya [m] 0 karma2 weeks ago
No worries. Possum is a fun word.

Yeah it's not a well-known fact that American possums aren't actually possums. Every time I post about my brushies I have to pay mention to it. But it's great to learn bECAUSE KNOWLEDGE IS POWER
fourcorners 0 karma2 weeks ago
Wait what are Yankee possums then? What misconception have I been operating under my whole life? Teach me, Kitya, mistress of the wild. I really wanna know now
Kitya [m] 0 karma2 weeks ago
They're opossums, order Didelphimorphia. The name is only colloquially shortened to "possums", but they are actually separate animals.
Possums are found in Australia, New Guinea and Indonesia and are order Diprotodontia (spelling?). Opossums and possums both marsupials, but beyond that, the one-letter difference is comparable to the one-letter difference in moose and goose. In fact, true possums are more closely related to kangaroo than they are to opossums - hell, far as the family tree goes, theyre more closely to megafauna like the hippopotamus-sized giant wombat (Diprotodon) than they are to opossums. So the two are entirely separate, really
fourcorners 0 karma2 weeks ago
Wow. I appreciate the lesson. I will use this knowledge to impress my fellow Americans whenever the topic arises
AstroMikeDexter [m] 0 karma2 weeks agoHere
Cheers to you for the sweet karma lovin', you crazy pest friender.
Kitya [m] 0 karma2 weeks ago
No worries, my dear Assy

Which is my attempt of shortening your username

I think it's flattering dont see what's wrong with it bye
TrueScotsman 0 karma3 weeks ago
Did an emu actually eat your sunglasses?
Kitya [m] +1 karma3 weeks ago
If "eating" means "snatching them off of my head with its beak and then dropping them, but I was too afraid to crouch in front of this freakish dinosaurbird so I just left them in the dirt until it went away, and by the time I was able to retrieve them I found out the beak had broken them anyway", then yes it did.
TrueScotsman 0 karma3 weeks agoGasp (Kitten)
BlackGlitch 0 karma3 weeks ago
Karma given because I'd have probably assumed you to be British too when I first heard you speak. sorrynotsorry
Kitya [m] 0 karma3 weeks agoMeltdown
Dammit glitch!

(Also thank you)
Kitya 0 karma4 weeks ago
This comment has been deleted.
Kitya 0 karma4 weeks ago
This comment has been deleted.
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