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Location United States
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MikeCantone 0 karma June 2013
what are all of the states of new england...the only one i can read is maine... Rhode Island...
MikeCantone 0 karma June 2013
i knew that one
MikeCantone 0 karma June 2013
yea it sucks...at least they have most of the shows on netflix now...even though they replaced nickelodeon...we can never win can we?
MikeCantone -1 karma June 2013
i dont get it...cartoon network isnt cancelled or anything...right?
MikeCantone +1 karma June 2013
whoa im from rhode island too...this never happens.
MikeCantone 0 karma June 2013
every night...want to fix the problem? sleep with 2 thinner pillows and just flip the top one...problem solved...you're welcome.
MikeCantone 0 karma May 2013
im a photographer and this is all i can put here...
MikeCantone 0 karma May 2013
i did that because it was so corny...relax lol
MikeCantone -1 karma May 2013
i dont want to start a big argument or anything but he says its the work of the devil because it says flat out in the bible homosexuality is wrong. there is a story in the bible where an entire city was destroyed because of sexual immorality
MikeCantone 0 karma May 2013
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