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Muhaha +2 karma Yesterday
Faceswap this shit plz, internet
Muhaha +1 karma Yesterday
Dumbo would have an awesome Mega Evolution, like a bald mammoth with more spikes and X-Wing ears
Muhaha +2 karma Yesterday
Everyone's making 'tier' puns and I'm just sitting here giggling at 'sweet couple'
Muhaha +1 karma 2 days ago
I was quite disappointed to discover this was not a post about a musical.
Muhaha +1 karma 3 days ago
Eggceptional puning, sir
Muhaha +3 karma 3 days ago
The term "light" being used... well... lightly...
Muhaha +9 karma 1 weeks ago
My fucking hero
Muhaha 0 karma 1 weeks ago
Joke would be on them, my kidneys are slightly broken
Muhaha 0 karma 1 weeks ago
What the shit is Kalos then? Crazy stuff
Muhaha +1 karma 1 weeks ago
Hey, he was in Freaks and Geeks! Redeemed
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laurabremner988 0 karmaOctober 2014
Thanks for the karma!
Muhaha +1 karmaOctober 2014
Welcome! I just loved how to the point the comment was :')
laurabremner988 0 karmaOctober 2014
Haha, no worries! I wanted to know it meant, and everyone was messing around, I thought I would join in but make it funny in my own way :)
Muhaha +1 karmaOctober 2014
Very innovative ;) I tried to be all self referential after some point but the notifications are driving me crazy :')
laurabremner988 0 karmaOctober 2014
Thanks :)
Yeah, every couple of minutes I have loads of notifications :/
Muhaha 0 karmaOctober 2014
Yeah, it's like Hotel California, you can check out but you can never leave :') And at this point they're all just bad dirty jokes :P
laurabremner988 0 karmaOctober 2014
Yeah, I think I'll be getting notifications about that thread for the rest of my life!
Ah,it always deteriorates to smut! :)
Muhaha 0 karmaOctober 2014
They always come in clusters too :/
Well, there's a little smut, which is nice, and then there's just "fuk wit a dik in da puss-ay" and you just shiver -_-
beyeswdragon 0 karmaSeptember 2014
Now look what you made me watch again!
Muhaha +1 karmaSeptember 2014
Dude, that nostalgia! How about this?
beyeswdragon 0 karmaSeptember 2014
Aw the memories... *starts dreaming*
Or this
Muhaha 0 karmaSeptember 2014
I haven't heard that before, sorry :/
beyeswdragon 0 karmaSeptember 2014
*shocked gasp*
AddedBut you have seen this, right?
Muhaha 0 karmaSeptember 2014
Oh God yes, I'm not that ignorant of late 90s dance music :')

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