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Ticklr since Before October 2012

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  • Jewel Staite and her mini Browncoat crew - They aim to misbehave
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Muhaha 0 karma 11 hours ago
Weirdly Golurk (from gen V) can. He's pretty fly... for a ground type.
Muhaha +1 karma 20 hours ago
This + I Understood That Reference :D
Muhaha 0 karma 3 days ago
I was playing a Nuzzlocke through Platinum once and the first pokémon I came across in some area was an Abra, so I naturally figuratively shit myself, knowing if I tried to weaken it it would use Teleport and I wouldn't be able to catch another Pokémon until after I beat the city's gym. I weighed my options and I thought "Fuck it, might as well have a go" so I threw a standard Ball at it and it was a Critical Capture. Best moment of my Poké-career... other than utterly decimating an 11-year-old once :P
Muhaha +1 karma 3 days ago
I'm so chuffed that Marvel managed to pull off Guardians (from what I've heard, haven't seen it yet) cause it was such a gamble, cause all the other films so far have been about characters with decades of back-story and armies of fans to support them, whereas the actual story didn't even exist until like 5ish years ago. If they made this work, there's nothing stopping them taking over the world, and that rules :D
Muhaha +1 karma 3 days ago
I bought the "Awesome Mix Vol.1" soundtrack two days ago. I have no regrets.
Muhaha +2 karma 4 days ago
Jesus. That takes commitment.
Muhaha 0 karma 4 days ago
She kinda looks like Summer Glau, who played River Tam in Firefly.
Muhaha +7 karma 4 days ago
Are you in the Mythbusters' workshop?
Muhaha 0 karma 5 days ago
I think the Youtube channel Sexplanations said that using foreign objects like that as dildos can cause vaginal tearing (or rectal damage, if you're into that) and can carry bacteria into the system and cause all kinds of weird infections. So yeah... don't, I guess?
Muhaha 0 karma 5 days ago
That is so much better than the thing where you have your wallet and the shit you bought in your other hand and they put the coins (which go in your pocket if you're like me) on top of the paper, so you have to move to the side of the counter while the person behind you judges you. :c
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