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Sex Male
Age Undisclosed
Location United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Ticklr since Before October 2012

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  • Total Up Votes 621
  • 186 Total Down Votes

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  • Up-Votes 500
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  • When your friend stops you from buying a drink and says they got this round....
  • Yes, you CAN live the life you want to live.
  • This is messing with my head
  • I love to animal
  • Quoth the raven, `Macklemore.'
  • Serenity, made entirely out of duct tape. Shiny.
  • Please stand clear of the closing doors.
  • I win.
  • Who's there?
  • Timing is EVERYTHING!!
  • You're welcome
  • That should do it!

Recent Activity

Muhaha 0 karma 5 hours ago
That's a-door-able.
Muhaha +1 karma 17 hours ago
That's what I thought *shakes fist angrily*
Muhaha 0 karma 17 hours ago
Weirdly, Welsh is my first language, as in the first one I learned to speak fluently, and English my second, but I always think in English... so yeah :P
Muhaha +1 karma 17 hours ago
Muhaha +1 karma 19 hours ago
#9 is dumb, what if your walking and talking, or sitting down and talking or whatever? The variables are too great >.<
Muhaha +1 karma Yesterday
I'mma chop down a mothafucker... with ANOTHER mothafucker!
Muhaha -1 karma Yesterday
And they used to make sowing needles out of bone, so I bet you could out of like a femur or something :)
Muhaha 0 karma Yesterday
Oh God yes, I'm not that ignorant of late 90s dance music :')
Muhaha +3 karma Yesterday
Dude, that's ballsy, kudos.
Muhaha 0 karma Yesterday
I haven't heard that before, sorry :/
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beyeswdragon 0 karmaYesterday
Now look what you made me watch again!
Muhaha +1 karmaYesterday
Dude, that nostalgia! How about this?
beyeswdragon 0 karmaYesterday
Aw the memories... *starts dreaming*
Or this
Muhaha 0 karmaYesterday
I haven't heard that before, sorry :/
beyeswdragon 0 karmaYesterday
*shocked gasp*
AddedBut you have seen this, right?
Muhaha 0 karmaYesterday
Oh God yes, I'm not that ignorant of late 90s dance music :')
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