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Sex Male
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Location United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Ticklr since Before October 2012

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  • The hero of Canton! The man they call Jayne!
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  • Jewel Staite and her mini Browncoat crew - They aim to misbehave
  • Tickld heals all ails.
  • I need that on a tie. For work. This saves a lot of questions.

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Muhaha -5 karma 7 hours ago
That could work... Or England could build a damn in a Welsh valley with a village in it and flood the valley, forcing the residents to leave leave their homes and to scramble to make a living farming on shitty land... oh wait, that's evil/already happened.
Muhaha +1 karma 11 hours ago
Her team would be a Trevenant, a Sigilyph, a Bouffalant and that one Ice type that looks like a wigwam.
Muhaha 0 karma 21 hours ago
Ah, well I'll be patient, aha :')
Muhaha 0 karma 21 hours ago
Noted! I'll keep an eye out :3
Good luck, I bet you'll make an amazing game :D
Muhaha 0 karma 22 hours ago
That's always a really good way to do it, I love the hints in Adventure Time that something really dark and destructive happened, but you can still enjoy it on a superficial level cause it's funny when Finn says "mathmatical!" :')
I'm getting pretty exited for this game, please do post about it when you are finished, I'd love to play it :3
Muhaha 0 karma 22 hours ago
That sounds awesome! I feel the satire will be a nice touch, a lot of post-apocalyptic games, or even just stories, tend to tell very dire and serious stories cause of the setting, but it's a really refreshing idea to have a bit of fun with it :D
And the Good/Bad thing is a nice touch as well, antagonists with understandable motives are always the best. Would that end up being a "is good really good?" and vice versa thing? :3
Will the game be available in the future to to be played by the average Ticklr?
Muhaha 0 karma Yesterday
Buy this car to drive to work, drive to work to pay for this car (repeat a few times)
Muhaha 0 karma Yesterday
I doubt I have the patience or mental capacity to learn how to make games and code and everything :')
What's your game about?
Muhaha 0 karma Yesterday
Daaaaaamn... making games is awesome :')
Muhaha 0 karma Yesterday
But there's also the EV system, and the way the game decides where the pokémon are in the tall grass, plus any boosts or drops the IVs of the pokémon might suffer mid game, the way shiny pokémon are decided on... there's quite a bit :')
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