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Ralphy9001 -2 karma April 2014

This comment has been deleted.

Ralphy9001 +1 karma April 2014
Not a smoke in sight either.. He's slippin.
Ralphy9001 +2 karma March 2014
Ralphy9001 +2 karma February 2014
Why is everyone downvoting Joe Namath's grandson?
Ralphy9001 +1 karma January 2014
Except... you know... the title of the post.
Ralphy9001 +4 karma January 2014
I love mario kart's story. Holds me on the edge of my seat every time
Ralphy9001 0 karma January 2014
I say do it. Trolls are hilarious anyway.
Ralphy9001 +1 karma January 2014
Tumblr speak? Maybe you need to get off the internet because gem has been used way before tumblr.
Ralphy9001 +13 karma January 2014
That was quite the recovery
Ralphy9001 0 karma December 2013
A lot of people here are against the kid, and have obviously never had a terrible coach in their life. I've had bad coaches growing up playing hockey, a couple drove me to switch teams. I know for a fact that some coaches are way worse to kids than most can imagine, and the fact that he had the courage to do this is great. Is there a good chance he's just being a whiny little bitch and if he wants to play he should be better? Yes, of course, but don't just go out and say under no circumstance should anyone do this.
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