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RyanMcGrory +1 karma April 2013
made this one myself
RyanMcGrory -4 karma March 2013
RyanMcGrory +3 karma March 2013
"i fucking love science" facebook page,give it a like.
RyanMcGrory 0 karma March 2013
RyanMcGrory 0 karma February 2013
i do know what a flesh wound is, i was just stating that the difference between mine and his was the words
RyanMcGrory 0 karma February 2013
only difference is yours says "flesh wound" & mine says "stab wound"
RyanMcGrory -2 karma February 2013
i think i was the first to put this up but i'm not sure, if you click my profile you can see that this is the only picture i have uploaded
RyanMcGrory +1 karma May 2012
don't get it

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