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  • If it sits I fits ... no, wait...
  • Doing it right in South Buffalo
  • Gifts for geeks
  • especially on a Sunday morning
  • Just another Lonley night
  • Anyone have a Favorite Upvote gif that's not quite Tickld enough? Link it, and whichever ones get the most karma, I will make a Tickld friendly gif :)
  • Math is hard...
  • *The fathers of the world unite in uproarious laughter*
  • Where are my manners?
  • Saw this on RDJ's FB page
  • Remember the fish that got away? Got some news..

Recent Activity

Starlight 0 karma 21 hours ago
That s*** is still funny every time I see it
Starlight 0 karma Yesterday
Damn you beat me to it but good choice
Starlight 0 karma Yesterday
Mahna mahna
Starlight 0 karma 2 days ago
You are most welcome. If you don't mind my asking what class were you learning about sea pigs in?
Starlight 0 karma 2 days ago
Have you seen the sea pig video with the voice over guy doing a Morgan Freeman impression? worth the watch and peace out
Starlight +1 karma 2 days ago
I got really confused because I could see colour... then I blinked
Starlight 0 karma 2 days ago
Starlight 0 karma 4 days ago
It depends on the day some days they'll get a load of people coming in with complicated problems and others they'll manage to keep to appointments like most things I suppose
Starlight 0 karma 4 days ago
What if it's a negative comment (note I agree with the statement just wondering) peace out
Starlight 0 karma 4 days ago
Because some people see the doctor for longer than their appointed time because of issues. The doctor/other staff can't control this
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UserModerator [a] 0 karmalast month
A Tickld User Moderator has changed the section of your post to "SMSG".
The12ozCurls 0 karmaMay 2014Thank You
Thank you for the karma. People that down voted that post because it was wrestling-related had no idea what a beautiful thing it was. Yes, I too had to grab a tissue (or 3) just to get through that entire video clip but it was worth it. Thank you again.
Starlight 0 karmaMay 2014
You're most welcome kind sir, I know (I mean I don't really like wrestling myself) but it didn't stop me from seeing the true magic of the video. So yeah thanks for sharing the video and peace out
Starlight 0 karmaMay 2014
Well not sharing the video sorry... getting the message is what I meant
Twisted_Cat 0 karmaFebruary 2014
Thank you madam for the gift!! I'm glad you enjoyed the science (and punny) side of tickld!!
Starlight +2 karmaFebruary 2014
You are most welcome I was just happy to see someone sensible
UserModerator [a] 0 karmaFebruary 2014
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UserModerator [a] 0 karmaJanuary 2014
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