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I'm a lover, not a fighter, because if I fought everyone I felt like fighting I'd be Batman. Don't tell anyone that I'm Batman. Also my avatar used to be a little orange fox.

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  • It's the holiday spirit Gotham deserves.
  • Santa's got game!
  • Pastor Blaster: He came to hadouken Jesus into your heart!
  • DAT ASS!!!
  • My birthday surprise was a dad joke.
  • The ending to 'The Interview' fake Kim Jung Un's death
  • I kinda forgot about this guy
  • I like this change
  • Asked my friends to decorate the house while I made hot cocoa...
  • 2,000 year ol'swagga come true.
  • new uniforms
  • Don't pick on him, he's just ronery.

Recent Activity

StinerWI -14 karma 4 hours ago
You should change your avatar to a giant dick.
StinerWI 0 karma 4 hours ago
He better. This man does my laundry, makes me my meals, draws my baths, gives his all in the sack and doesn't mind when I go on an anime binge. I couldn't build a better man.
StinerWI +4 karma 4 hours ago
I sited the source, so I'm pretty sure you being a dick is the problem, because I don't know what you're expecting from me. This is the internet for f**ks sake.
StinerWI 0 karma 4 hours ago
Got a lover of 5 years now, he doesn't. So we'll see.
StinerWI +1 karma 4 hours ago
I wanted to go through some of your posts and upvote when appreciate, but apparently you can't do that anymore. Is it because of mistaken reposts when something gets 15 votes after an extended period of time? Tickld has become a dark place my friend.
StinerWI 0 karma 4 hours ago
Fine, whatever man, I don't fully understand the sections anyway.
StinerWI +1 karma 4 hours ago
It's hard to get on the hot page, or at least it used to be.
StinerWI +1 karma 5 hours ago
I'm not sure what you mean please word that differently. The internet is hard.
StinerWI 0 karma 5 hours ago
StinerWI 0 karma 5 hours ago
I don't even know what a Me section is and I will remain ignorant to your PhD mumbo jumbo.
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UserModerator [a] 0 karma5 hours ago
A Tickld User Moderator has changed the section of your post to "PIC".
StinerWI 0 karma4 hours ago
Fine, whatever man, I don't fully understand the sections anyway.
mandos 0 karmaYesterday
Thanks for the warning, I didn't see that someone else had the same idea.
StinerWI +1 karma22 hours ago
Its hard to stay ahead of the trend. Technically, because of the hipster paradox, we can't.
mandos 0 karma21 hours agoTrue Story
madmoxie +1 karmaYesterdayNom
Thank you for that karma treat!
StinerWI +1 karma22 hours ago
OMG that gif is so cute. ^_^
madmoxie 0 karma21 hours agoWink (Jennifer Lawrence)
So is that skull you're holding. Are they single?
StinerWI 0 karma20 hours ago
Sorry, he's dating the skull doormat.
madmoxie +1 karma20 hours agoFeels (Damnit Guys)
gr162256 +2 karma2 weeks ago
thanks for the karma
StinerWI +2 karma2 weeks ago
Is gifting karma a rare thing now or is everyone just being polite?
gr162256 +2 karma2 weeks ago
being polite
StinerWI +2 karma2 weeks ago
Oh good, it's still mostly Brits and Canadians here then. What a relief.
gr162256 +2 karma2 weeks ago
from the US but okay
StinerWI +1 karma2 weeks ago
Oh sorry, I should have stalked you a little first.
DakkonWalker +1 karma2 weeks agoAnd I Love You Random Citizen
Thanks for the karma!
StinerWI +5 karma5 gift!2 weeks ago
Well earned.
DakkonWalker +1 karma2 weeks ago
ha thanks. So was the karma i just gave you
StinerWI 0 karma2 weeks ago
Lol thanks
stan_the_man +1 karma2 weeks ago
You kinda look like Jennifer Morrison from what I see of you in your current profile picture. I consider that a compliment btw.
StinerWI +1 karma2 weeks ago
My face is more square than hers, but thank you very much! She's hot.
stan_the_man +1 karma2 weeks ago
Indeed she is! I've been watching a lot of House lately and watched a few episodes of Once Upon a Time when it started. Hmm...more square? I'd have to see a full picture to be sure. :-P I can't remember my snapchat username though since I just set it up recently.
StinerWI +1 karma2 weeks ago
Bummer. We can just chat on here! :)
deadpoetkeats +1 karma2 weeks ago
Thanks for the Karmalz.
StinerWI 0 karma2 weeks ago
Hmmmmm. Karmal
DaMemes +1 karma2 weeks agoGentleman's Approval
Hey, thanks for the internet points
StinerWI +1 karma2 weeks ago
I'm glad you acknowledge our meaningless, yet very important, system.
UserModerator [a] 0 karma2 weeks ago
Your post entitled "Ba dum tsss" was hidden from public view after an action by a Tickld User Moderator because it was a repost. Please review the Upload Guidelines and Terms of Use. This is an automated message.
StinerWI +1 karma2 weeks ago
That is an original dad joke you swine.
ivgbeast +1 karmaJuly 2014Not Even Sorry
Was going to post something about you being funny, read your replies to tickldbot. My dry cleaning bills are in the mail.
UserModerator [a] +1 karmaNovember 2013
A Tickld User Moderator has changed the title of your post to " $3,000 in, only small heart attacks once a month.".
deleted_user +1 karmaOctober 2013Gold Star
Bravo on the light pollution post, it was one of the coolest posts I've seen in a while!
StinerWI +2 karmaOctober 2013And I Love You Random Citizen
Thanks! It thought it was neat.
ToucanMan 0 karmaOctober 2013And. Here. We. Go.
I'm back.
StinerWI +1 karmaOctober 2013Applause
ToucanMan 0 karmaOctober 2013
I miss my blue font :(
StinerWI +1 karmaOctober 2013
Oh sorry. :/
uberdoom +1 karmaSeptember 2013
I know this is Tickld and not a dating website, but I couldn't resist coming over and telling you that your avatar is HELLA. CUTE.
StinerWI +1 karmaSeptember 2013
It's a good thing that avatar is me or I'd be offended. Lol
uberdoom +2 karmaSeptember 2013
I figured a little specificity wouldn't hurt.
jaymcgil +1 karmaSeptember 2013You are a welcome member of this community
I went and liked every america post too, even if it is just shameless upvoting. Thanks for restoring my faith in humanity. I can't believe the rest of the world is being so petty.
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