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TaylorAtOnce 0 karma March 2014
The Macarena has nothing to do with Mexico. It's a friggin' Andalusian Spanish song.
TaylorAtOnce 0 karma February 2014
Carry me always...
TaylorAtOnce +2 karma December 2013
On what basis are you making the assumption that every single one of the inaccurate tests will result in false positives? In almost every test of this kind false negatives are far more likely.
TaylorAtOnce +2 karma November 2013
A time lapse can also refer to blacking out and if that happens while you're taking a shit then you should seek medical attention.
TaylorAtOnce +2 karma November 2013
These are stills from a time-lapse video. Hence the title.
TaylorAtOnce +13 karma November 2013
90% of Tumblr users?
TaylorAtOnce +1 karma November 2013
Wait... So "Expecto Patronum" is basically means "I'm holding out for a hero"? Awesome.
TaylorAtOnce 0 karma November 2013
The mousetrap got 'em.
TaylorAtOnce 0 karma November 2013
Btw, we only gave them those names last month. Before that they had no official names. They also have Maori names: "Te Ika-a-Maui" and Te Waipounamu" respectively.
TaylorAtOnce +1 karma October 2013
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