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I bribed the architect.

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  • Don't waste it.
  • Have the Scots always had a Sontaran on their £20 note?
  • my road rage is gone and i don't know why
  • I've made it to the hot page twice so I'm kind of a big deal
  • Get it right, people
  • And it's over and you're like wait what
  • Jerry the educational alligator
  • The Nightmare Before Exams
  • For all those who have broken up on less then
  • I thought I was the trash
  • Having a bad day?
  • I am tree?

Recent Activity

Thomasjaffray 0 karma 1 hour ago
You don't pee out of the vagina, do you?
Thomasjaffray +1 karma 2 hours ago
Bit long.
Thomasjaffray 0 karma 2 hours ago
Thomasjaffray 0 karma 4 hours ago
It's not messed up. Santas were just re-assigned for some.
Thomasjaffray 0 karma 4 hours ago
Misunderstood Dentist was just trying to be complimentary. Misunderstood Dentists did not intend to disturb.
Thomasjaffray 0 karma 4 hours ago
It certainly will.
Thomasjaffray +12 karma 4 hours ago
Healthy is the goal - not "thin", "curvy", etc...
Thomasjaffray 0 karma 4 hours ago
The source upsets me.
Thomasjaffray 0 karma 4 hours ago
There ya go.
Thomasjaffray +1 karma 4 hours ago
Tickld posts are always 460 pixels across. You can't change it - if you make it smaller it'll upscale it, bigger it'll downscale.

Really the only option is to make the left side the top and the right side the bottom of the post. It'll be longer, but clearer.
AddedI use paint for my posts and I usually keep my pixels at 460 across for posts. It's okay to go over that though because it still looks good (It'll take longer to upload, but only seconds).
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UserModerator [a] 0 karma3 days ago
A Tickld User Moderator has changed the title of your post to "What do you want?".
al_goonie +1 karma4 days ago
Boom... 500000 congrats
Thomasjaffray 0 karma4 days ago
woop woop
RamSkulled +46 karma45 gift!4 days ago
Thank you for the karma. Even if it was on a post I am still crying about
Thomasjaffray 0 karma4 days ago
Aww man, I'm sorry. I didn't want it to have had that much of an effect.
RamSkulled 0 karma2 days ago
This comment has been deleted.
RamSkulled +1 karma2 days ago
No don't worry I'm just a big softie and any story about a dog will go straight to my heart. I mean I cry at the new Victorian Biscuits Mcvities advert just because of how cute all the animals are… I'm that sad.
themrfritz +1 karma3 weeks ago
Hey, I saw you in that grief thread. Thank you for being the only notable ticklr who was kind and level headed.
Thomasjaffray +1 karma3 weeks ago
grief thread?
AddedAnd thanks.
themrfritz +1 karma3 weeks ago
The one calling out the more popular ticklrs for bullying and taunting other users.
Thomasjaffray +1 karma3 weeks ago
Oh right. yeah no problem :)
squeeple +1 karma4 weeks agoAnd I Love You Random Citizen
Thank you for the karma
Thomasjaffray +1 karma4 weeks agoBoobies
Thomasjaffray 0 karma4 weeks agoBow (Eric)
AddedThis one. I was meaning this one.
squeeple 0 karma4 weeks agoBuddy Christ
They both work
Normal_person [m] +2 karma4 weeks ago
Wait, you're Irish? Make up your mind.
Thomasjaffray +1 karma4 weeks ago
Really though, why am I Irish? I don't understand.
Normal_person [m] +1 karma4 weeks ago
Thomasjaffray 0 karma4 weeks ago
Ah, what I'm meaning is "I see inviting internet strangers to "my" area becoming a trend." I'm still in Scotland :)
AddedBut that's not an invitation to come visit.
Thomasjaffray +1 karma4 weeks ago
Who the feck said I was Irish!?
mlknyu +51 karma50 gift!5 weeks agoSalute (MGS)
Happy top 15!
Thomasjaffray +11 karma10 gift!5 weeks ago
I didn't even realize!
AddedAnd how nice of you especially to congratulate me on it.
mlknyu +1 karma5 weeks agoMake It Rain
Well thanks for the excessively generous karma!
UserModerator [a] 0 karmalast month
Your post entitled ""Crude as in rough?" "If you're into that"" was marked as NSFW by a Tickld User Moderator.
qacermacer 0 karmalast month
Chosbitch wants to know why you blocked her.
Thomasjaffray +1 karmalast month
She isn't my cup of tea.
qacermacer +1 karmalast month
Fair enough.
HalfAnothersDozen +1 karmalast month
Geare 0 karmalast monthYou are a welcome member of this community
Thanks for the karma :)
ShoeAShoe 0 karmaOctober 2014
Danke for dem kamels xox
Thomasjaffray +1 karmaOctober 2014
No problem
UserModerator [a] 0 karmaOctober 2014
Your post entitled "Know what... Yes... "Ooft"." was marked as NSFW by a Tickld User Moderator.
Thomasjaffray 0 karmaOctober 2014
Quite a prudish mod we have.
Ihatechotchkies 0 karmaOctober 2014
Do you have a beard?
Thomasjaffray +1 karmaOctober 2014
... Yeah.
Ihatechotchkies 0 karmaOctober 2014
I'm gonna make a creepy as fuck post about you.
AddedI fucked with the contrast of your avatar, is how I know. It will all make sense soon.
Thomasjaffray 0 karmalast month
Hey, could I have a link to said post? :)
Ihatechotchkies 0 karmalast month
Oh, I never actually made it. I got too lazy.
Thomasjaffray 0 karmalast monthDisconcerted Dougal
Well then.
Ihatechotchkies +1 karmalast month
Soz. I know it was a little creepy.
Thomasjaffray +1 karmalast month
I'm more disappointed with your lack of persistence and ambition than anything else.
Ihatechotchkies 0 karmalast month
Oh. I am ok with that. @calvinthecalvin says trying is bad
Thomasjaffray +1 karmalast month
Well, don't you go listening to that Calvin. He's a bad influence.
AddedWhere do you think Calvinism came from?
calvinthecalvin +1 karmalast month
fight me
Thomasjaffray +1 karmalast monthYou want some of this?
So now this is happening.
MattiasVindevoghel +1 karmaOctober 2014
thanks for the karmas
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