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You name it and I've probably complained about it at some point.

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  • How to pick up guys.
  • Finally free
  • Word.
  • How I, an Irish man, views the scottish independence
  • My nephew has a toy dinosaur which we call "sneaky dinosaur" because he looks rather f****** sneaky.
  • Sorry mate
  • Engineers-- making simpe tasks simpler since the dawn of man
  • Grandpa are you okay?
  • Let's not forget the glorious **** going on in the background
  • I'm a UK size 12, but apparently wobbly enough?
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  • Fate is a fickle mistress

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Thomasjaffray 0 karma 3 hours ago
"Wrong section, c***."
Thomasjaffray +1 karma 5 hours ago
Thomasjaffray +1 karma 6 hours ago
I'm out of upload credits, but I'll make a post concerning something controversial and pretentious and I'm sure he'll just have to pipe up about it and be contrary.

I'd say we make a post 6/7PM GMT (Tickld's prime time) and maybe even in his own comic format. But in the post we need to have one glaringly obvious point of contention. Something that will get people really riled up and say "That's not right. This post is BS", but we have to do it in a way that Charlie would feel above everyone else for pointing the thing out.

Something that's obvious enough to ping on his radar, but not obvious to the point where he feels he doesn't need to comment on the post to counter its point.

The actual debate topic itself is tricky. Maybe something about the one million or Scottish independence? It's the most topical thing atm.
Thomasjaffray +1 karma 6 hours ago
Oh, I'm not having a dig. Don't get me wrong.

And yes. We will lure him in with a controversial debate that he'll just have to voice his opinion on. Then we link him to a "Very pressing article we think he must read before the discussion goes any further".
Thomasjaffray 0 karma 6 hours ago
I don't know what is happy-knee'ng.
Thomasjaffray +1 karma 6 hours ago
Blocked me :/

He's also affiliated with chotchkie and it's not a smart idea to get on that community's bad side; they basically control the vote page and have a pack mentality lol
Thomasjaffray 0 karma 6 hours ago

I don't know lol
Thomasjaffray +1 karma 7 hours ago
Oh man, that'll really show me.
Thomasjaffray +1 karma 8 hours ago
I mean if you're angry about not being able to upvote me...

What? How? How did that get there? /\ I don't remember putting that there. Hmm. Definitely not telling you anything with that. What were we talking about?
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JuRD 0 karma20 hours ago
Your millionth post was sweet, like saccharine sweet but still really sweet. Just to let you know, people read it :)
Thomasjaffray 0 karma13 hours ago
Aw thanks :) Means a lot you actually coming here and saying that!
jfjfjfjf +2 karmaYesterday
You ever complained about chocolate being brown?
Thomasjaffray +1 karmaYesterdayI Will Never...
Kinda looks like poop sometimes. It's off putting.
jfjfjfjf +2 karmaYesterday
Ever complained about laptops being rectangular, and that they should be triangular because we're all controlled by the illuminati, which incidentally you're pretty miffed at for not letting you join??
Thomasjaffray +1 karmaYesterday
Pfft, too many times to name, my friend! TOO MANY!
jfjfjfjf +2 karmaYesterdayFeels (Flanders)
jfjfjfjf +1 karmaYesterday
Less than 1000 posts btw
Thomasjaffray +1 karmaYesterday
jfjfjfjf +1 karmaYesterday
You think you'll get it?
Thomasjaffray +1 karmaYesterday
Planning on posting when I see it at about 999,990.

In the time it takes me to click Post > Funny > Title it > Hit Upload I should have the millionth ish post.

Hopefully. Fingers crossed.
jfjfjfjf +5 karma4 gift!Yesterday
...I also want to post... but I feel bad not telling you this

Remember that when you hit upload, the tickld superhero will pop up and say "did you make this." So press upload, the tickld guy will be there, and when you want to post just click "I made this".

I'm a good person
Thomasjaffray 0 karmaYesterday
Ah yes! Thanks to you!
AddedThinking about it. Maybe I should go a little earlier than that. The vote page will be pretty crowded then.
jfjfjfjf 0 karmaYesterday
You deserve it. Although I'm still gonna post a generic post just for the lolz
AddedTanks for the kramen by the way
Thomasjaffray +1 karmaYesterday

/\ tickld's very first post. Might be fitting. Finishing with the start and all that.
jfjfjfjf +1 karmaYesterday
Addedoh shit I
Addedyou probably had it in mind first though, but seriously that is a massive coincidence
lifeismypassion +11 karma10 gift!3 days ago
Thank you for the Karma and for being my tickld defender. Appreciated.
Thomasjaffray +1 karma3 days ago
PrinceOfPigeons +1 karma5 days ago
Hey, do you mind linking me that awkward/awesome/awkward penguin meme template? I'll give you a cookie.
Thomasjaffray 0 karma5 days ago
I made it in paint.
PrinceOfPigeons 0 karma4 days agoI Lied
Thanks. About that cookie..
Thomasjaffray 0 karma4 days ago
S'okay. (I'm eating a cookie right now actually).

I'll forgive you if you link me whatever it is you're creating :)
PrinceOfPigeons 0 karma4 days ago
fartmcdickshit 0 karma4 weeks ago
Have you forgiven me for telling you that tomatoes look like prolapsed anuses?
Thomasjaffray -1 karma4 weeks agoDisconcerted Dougal
fartmcdickshit 0 karma4 weeks ago
Is that a yes or a no?
Thomasjaffray -1 karma4 weeks agoDisconcerted Dougal
fartmcdickshit 0 karma4 weeks ago
Fine, don't answer me then
AddedGuess who's not going to my birthday
Thomasjaffray -1 karma4 weeks ago
fartmcdickshit 0 karma4 weeks ago
Nope, just you and nic
Thomasjaffray 0 karma4 weeks ago
fartmcdickshit +1 karma4 weeks ago
I'll miss you ;)
deadpoetkeats 0 karmalast month
Yo, you're alright. Even tho you're wrong.
Thomasjaffray 0 karmalast month
I'm right?! Thank you so much! I knew you'd see it my way.
deadpoetkeats 0 karmalast monthYou're Wrong (Cox)
Don't ruin the moment.
phantom_quasar +1 karmalast monthYou Stay Classy
Thanks for being willing to have a calm discussion on the subject. Many people would have just shouted "UR WRONG" and taken all my karma, but this was civil. It's a rarity on tickld these days I've noticed.
edithmac +1 karmalast monthDid we just become best friends?
Youre a aberdonian who lives in a nearby village who's learning to drive?snap! So pleased to see Aberdeen on a tickld post!
Thomasjaffray 0 karmalast month
haha yup
meena +1 karmalast month
Haha, thanks for the marma
Thomasjaffray 0 karmalast month
UserModerator 0 karmalast month
This comment has been deleted.
1edzeppelin +1 karmalast month
whichever mod removed this should possibly seek mental help.
AddedThank you for doing so
Thomasjaffray +1 karmalast month
Was it you? Sorry, but I just felt I was in the right by having bananas be uncensored (As that was the punchline)
AddedNevermind, just noticed, no mod symbol. Thanks for the agreement. I was pretty angry when I got this notification.
alexb9318 +1 karmalast month
I like your karma amount
Thomasjaffray +1 karmalast month
I feel there's a "It'd be a shame if something happened to it" coming on.
MrDuggan 0 karmalast month
Cheers for the karma.
Thomasjaffray 0 karmalast month
SmilingPolitely21 +1 karmalast monthOverly Attached
Unblocked? WE'RE BUDDIES
Thomasjaffray +1 karmalast monthNooooooooo
SmilingPolitely21 +1 karmalast monthBro Hug
Thomasjaffray 0 karmalast monthUhhh...
Pls no
Normal_person [m] +1 karmalast month
congratulations on your recent post

it is a good post and you should feel good
Thomasjaffray 0 karmalast month
Hey thanks, NP!

I like your posts too :)
AlexanderSilver +1 karmalast month
Well done on the 800!
Thomasjaffray 0 karmalast month
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