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Van1lla +1 karma May 2013
My eyes are bleeding.
Van1lla +1 karma April 2013
Dang. My bad.
Van1lla +3 karma March 2013
The only facepalm which would successfully express how...messed up (to be nice) this is, would be to jump from the same height as Felix Baumgartner did.
Van1lla 0 karma March 2013
Thank you for a reasonable answer. One last thing I am confused on, would be about the crusades. If the Pope is God's representative on the Earth then surely he command of a crusade is what "He" would want? And to say that he was wrong would be insinuating that he is in fact not His representative? I don't see this as arguing, just wondering.
Van1lla +2 karma March 2013
A few things. Hitler formed his own movement based on his admiration of the Catholic Church, therefore it can be said that he was completing a “crusade” in His name. Now I am not supporting what he did, but trying to get a definitive answer from you. If he was with religion and believed what he was doing was for God then would he not (my any of His words) have earnt his place in Heaven? Same as the original crusades where the Catholic Church sent England/France/Germany etc on a crusade to only commit atrocities in their name. I get confused with the only picking and choosing that seems to be consistent with God and allowing entry into Heaven. Therefore coming down to it, this insinuates that abortions etc are not condemning in his view. Plus just some things I have noticed from your other posts, such as if it was legitimately murder that was being acted then surely every woman who had had an abortion would have been arrested? If you are talking religiously then I refer you back to my previous statements. Slightly confused with that one. Also you have stated you are a Catholic and on the you not see what is wrong in that statement there? Or is it that you have forgotten Catholics believes contraception to be a sin? We both know that the big bang cannot be explained deep down, however due to recent events we can now link everything after to science due the Higgs Boson and the Higgs Field. Not arguing any other this, just simply asking for answers, then relaying some facts. Good day to you madam!
Van1lla +3 karma March 2013
Oh. My. God.
Van1lla +1 karma March 2013
Van1lla +1 karma March 2013

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