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Sex Male
Age 28
Location United States
Ticklr since Before October 2012

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I am an X-ray tech, who used to be in a metal band that went on to get signed to a record label, and have a video on MTV2. "Forever In Terror" if you'd like to check them out! Cleveland, OH is where I'm from. Let's grab a drink sometime. -Dan

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  • Simpsons did it again!
  • Mortal Kombat uses Ground Freeze - It's Super Effective!!
  • Christian clue
  • One of the best goal celebrations ive ever seen
  • changing history one quote at a time
  • Stuff's in the comments.
  • Don't act like you dont know this is true.
  • This says more than any news report could
  • You can be this person too.
  • An arrangement made after they attend a mutual "friend's" funeral.
  • Be careful who you text...

Recent Activity

Wallyballjacker 0 karma 13 minutes ago
Lol. Yay Cleveland!
Wallyballjacker +1 karma 1 hour ago
Wallyballjacker 0 karma 1 hour ago
This is just creepypasta, right?
Wallyballjacker 0 karma 1 hour ago
Thats like the first thing I think of when things start happening.
Wallyballjacker 0 karma 1 hour ago
Since the internet got lazy. So for a very long time.
Wallyballjacker +1 karma 2 hours ago
Hahaha. Thank you sir!
Wallyballjacker 0 karma 3 hours ago
Oh that's awesome! Congratulations! (You'll do fine, i'm sure of it!) What are you going for?
Wallyballjacker 0 karma Yesterday
Yay! Does that mean you're graduating? Or are you just done with your stay over there?
Wallyballjacker 0 karma Yesterday
Are you going to become a transplant? Or you think you'll miss home too much?
Wallyballjacker 0 karma Yesterday
Ahh that's cool. I haven't been there very frequently. I live in Lakewood, so that's well over an hour drive for me. But that's cool. I'm jealous you're in Britain! It seems like a nice place to visit.
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fartmcdickshit +1 karma1 weeks ago
Thanks for the chicken tikka masala
Searley_Bear +1 karma1 weeks ago
Thanks for the karma gift, but you broke my tickld. I've no idea what you gifted.
AddedAs in which comment.
Wallyballjacker [m] +1 karma1 weeks ago
I thrusted my karma dick at you so hard that it broke the internet for you? That's awesome.
In any case: http://www.tickld.com/thread/7680554
Searley_Bear +1 karma1 weeks agoUgh (Steve)
UserModerator [a] 0 karma3 weeks ago
Your post entitled "I found this gem in a 70 year old man's computer at work." was marked as NSFW by a Tickld User Moderator.
Whysosrsly 0 karmalast monthThank You
Thank you for the karmas
Wallyballjacker [m] +1 karmalast month
You're welcome! Thanks for being funny!
UserModerator [a] 0 karmalast month
A Tickld User Moderator has changed the section of your post to "SMSG".
Wallyballjacker [m] 0 karmalast month
Ahh, yeah, my bad. I didn't even think about it.
aluriilol 0 karmalast month
thanks for the karmas :3
Wallyballjacker [m] 0 karmalast month
You're welcome! Thanks for being funny!
NotSafeForWilly +1 karmalast monthThumbs Up
Appreciate the gift.
Wallyballjacker [m] +1 karmalast month
Anytime, sir!
UserModerator [a] 0 karmaJuly 2014
A Tickld User Moderator has changed the title of your post to "So, I found some footage of a certain "metal" user at work... (Video link in source)".
alexsherar [m] +1 karmaJuly 2014
I originally came here to explain why I changed the title.. But I see you're a mod and you still put a users name in the title.. They just handing out mod badges now eh?
Wallyballjacker [m] -1 karmaJuly 2014
....and what rule do you think I broke? Because i'd LOVE to hear it.
alexsherar [m] +1 karmaJuly 2014Are You F*cking Kidding Me
Communicating with another user.....,,,,,
Wallyballjacker [m] 0 karmaJuly 2014
Saying that you "found footage" of another user is not communicating. It's mentioning. Communicating would be "Hey Metal Mike. Come check out this video that I imagined to be you! Mike, i'm talking directly to you, because that's how fucking COMMUNICATION WORKS". You know... something like that. You're really splitting hairs here, don't you think?
alexsherar [m] 0 karmaJuly 2014
no the admins have said, any post that bring any attention to a certain user is against the rules. now i know is sound like a fucking playground snitch, but im relaying what ive been told. no titles should have other users names in them, and any post should have username and avatars blocked out
Wallyballjacker [m] 0 karmaJuly 2014
How old are the admin's dictionaries? I feel like they need to update them.
alexsherar [m] 0 karmaJuly 2014
ya u should probably tell the admins how to run there site
Wallyballjacker [m] 0 karmaJuly 2014
Okay. I will.
UserModerator [a] 0 karmaJuly 2014
A Tickld User Moderator has changed the title of your post to "So, I found some footage of Metal Mike at work... (Video link in source)".
Searley_Bear +1 karmaJune 2014Thank You
Dem karmas.
Wallyballjacker [m] +1 karmaJune 2014Bow (RDJ)
You're welcome M'lady.
Searley_Bear +1 karmaJune 2014
Alright, I give up. Why the fuck do you have blue text?
Wallyballjacker [m] +1 karmaJune 2014
Wallyballjacker [m] +1 karmaJune 2014
Also, I was like number 5 on the wall of fame back in the day.
Searley_Bear +1 karmaJune 2014
Should have stopped at sub zero. It was way cooler.
Wallyballjacker [m] +1 karmaJune 2014
I always seem to take it one step too far with you, don't I?
Searley_Bear +1 karmaJune 2014
Yep. You needa rein in your enthusiasm...
Wallyballjacker [m] +1 karmaJune 2014Freak Out (Kermit)
AstroMikeDexter [m] +1 karmaJune 2014
Thanks for the calmz, Modbro.
Wallyballjacker [m] +1 karmaJune 2014
Anytime sir! I was thinking the same thing.
roostangarar +1 karmaMay 2014And I Love You Random Citizen
Hey, thanks for the karma kupo!
Wallyballjacker [m] 0 karmaMay 2014
You're welcome sir!
Searley_Bear +1 karmaMay 2014Nom
Thanks for the karma.
Wallyballjacker [m] +1 karmaMay 2014Make It Rain
Anything for my favorite wingman! <3
Searley_Bear 0 karmaMay 2014Nah ah
I'm not your wingman, cocksucker.
Wallyballjacker [m] +1 karmaMay 2014
Searley_Bear +1 karmaMay 2014
My name is Bear, not Guy.
Wallyballjacker [m] +1 karmaMay 2014
Wouldn't your name be Searly, rather than Bear?
Searley_Bear +1 karmaMay 2014
Why would it be "Searly"? That's not even in my username!
Wallyballjacker [m] +1 karmaMay 2014
I missed a letter. Please cut of a testicle. Preferably lefty. I think he's been asleep at the wheel.
Searley_Bear +1 karmaMay 2014
I'm taking both of them. You need to learn a fucking lesson.
Wallyballjacker [m] +1 karmaMay 2014Don't
Yeahhh.... if you could keep both of them in tact, that would be great.
Searley_Bear 0 karmaMay 2014
They'll be intact, but not attached.
UserModerator [a] 0 karmaMay 2014
Your post entitled "You know you're mad when you burn somebodies house down with lemons." was hidden from public view after an action by a Tickld User Moderator because it was a repost. Please review the Upload Guidelines and Terms of Use. This is an automated message.
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