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WheezyShoes 0 karma March 2014
I feel like a windshield that changes from opaque to clear is not only unnecessary, but really dangerous.
WheezyShoes +15 karma March 2014
So do Bananas apparently.
WheezyShoes 0 karma March 2014
He went for the REACHAROUND
WheezyShoes +2 karma March 2014
I honestly know nothing about this feud apart from watching the Prestige. Where can I learn more?
WheezyShoes +13 karma March 2014
Maybe people write the same way because when the universe was created their atoms....
WheezyShoes +4 karma March 2014
He probably doesn't care.
WheezyShoes 0 karma March 2014
Exactly, O'Reilly basically sold out. I would too, if I got paid what he gets paid.
WheezyShoes 0 karma March 2014
It honestly depends. Are you talking about Bill O'Reilly or "Bill O'Reilly"? I'm a conservative dude, so maybe I'm biased, but I think Bill O'Reilly is an awesome dude with great ideas. But the dude he pretends to be on TV, "Bill O'Reilly", is a complete dumbass. Essentially, O'Reilly has been parodying himself a la Colbert, and no one else has realized it.
WheezyShoes 0 karma March 2014
I mean Bill O'Reilly is from Harvard, and the only person who's even remotely watchable is Jon Stewart.
WheezyShoes 0 karma February 2014
Yeah. I like the idea behind the law, but it's definitely not going to be executed well. People will get hurt.
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theellster 0 karmaNovember 2013
THANK YOU for posting that!
HippySavage 0 karmaNovember 2013
I like your post about religion and stuff, it's giving the right message! So here's some karma for you :)
HippySavage 0 karmaNovember 2013
Okay I don't no how to give you karma with out you commenting, so comment and I'll gift you some karma :)

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