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Wires365 0 karma February 2013
On the set? I don't recall there being a plane in LOTR.
Wires365 0 karma January 2013
Well, it's reversed. Wouldn't it make more sense to land on the matress?
Wires365 0 karma January 2013
And he's still there.
Wires365 0 karma January 2013
Wires365 0 karma January 2013
Or crouching down.
It makes more sense than they're having sex in that position.
Wires365 +1 karma December 2012
Well, the Hobbit is a prequel, but Gandalf took loads of of Hobbits on adventures before that.
Wires365 +1 karma December 2012
I really hope you're joking.
Wires365 0 karma December 2012
I wouldn't class a Blowjob as fucking.
Wires365 0 karma December 2012
The Big Lebowski.
Wires365 0 karma December 2012
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