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  • Not the Heroes We Deserved But the Heroes We Needed

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Zatuzi +2 karma 18 hours ago
Racism has gone too far. Not only black people get chlamydia.
Zatuzi +1 karma Yesterday
Do you want to be in a porno? Because that's how you be in a porno.
Zatuzi +4 karma 4 days ago
And this makes up for all the rest. You have won the internet.
Zatuzi +3 karma 5 days ago
Why did no one tell me Sean Connery is a teacher now?
Zatuzi +1 karma 6 days ago
I don't even know what is going on in this post, I just down voted because it seemed like the right thing to do.
Zatuzi 0 karma 1 weeks ago
Zatuzi +1 karma 1 weeks ago
This terrifies me. Imagine if she stalked you. You'd NEVER know.
Zatuzi +10 karma 2 weeks ago
Shallow Hal approves.
Zatuzi 0 karma 3 weeks ago
I have no idea what this post is talking about.
Zatuzi +2 karma 3 weeks ago
Oh, thank goodness. I was starting to worry that I wouldn't have terrifying fucking nightmares tonight. Thank you.
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UserModerator [a] +10 karma10 gift!December 2013
Your post entitled "I know at least half of this to be true" was removed after an action by a Tickld User Moderator because it was: "a comic". Please review the Upload Guidelines and Terms of Use. This is an automated message.
saaiakani [m] +1 karmaJuly 2013Thumbs Up (Iron Man)
Someone appears to have given you negative karma for defending Marines knocking the shit out of a shoplifter. I fixed it.
Zatuzi +1 karmaJuly 2013Thumb Up (Hold This)
You're awesome.
saaiakani [m] +1 karmaJuly 2013
Thanks. Also, fuck haters.
tickldbot 0 karmaApril 2013
Your post entitled "Probably a repost, but still freaking hilarious" was removed because it was a comic, which should be posted to the comic section only. Please review the Upload Guidelines and Terms of Use. This is an automated message.
tickld [a] 0 karmaMarch 2013
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