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ajs113 +2 karma May 2014
All I can think of while looking at that is how badly I am going to burn my mouth with that glorious cheese.
ajs113 +6 karma April 2014
Where the fuck did you pluck 80% from that is ridiculously high.
ajs113 +6 karma April 2014
The Driver actually saves the guys stupid life, if you look in frame 9-10ish you can see a large chunk of metal that the back of the conductors leg hits which was perfect head height. It may not of impacted but no way the conductor would risk it. Pic of impact: http://i.imgur.com/HiRqMj5.jpg
ajs113 0 karma April 2014
What you can't see in the image is James had his finger in the breach of the gun to assure it can't be loaded. This is a safe way of checking to see if there are any imperfections or blockages inside the barrel, the instructor and co-presenters didn't see him do this so it looks like he is about to shoot himself to them.
ajs113 +13 karma March 2014
It's the internet, it's entire purpose is boob pics ...and cats
ajs113 +4 karma January 2014
Germany best at: Almost winning the world cup Perfect!
ajs113 +5 karma December 2013
Like W1llF said, that isn't even her dad its some random want-to-be white knight
ajs113 0 karma November 2013
when are you guys planning to move to 1.7 i dont think i have a 1.6.4 jar still
ajs113 +1 karma November 2013
He HAD* some balls
ajs113 -13 karma September 2013
Dude, your English why the fuck you do you care about what the US government is spending there money on? And on a side note all this is going to cost is a few blue light filters which will at most cost a few hundred dollars.
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