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"something about myself."

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  • Sir, there are still terabytes of calculations required.
  • There's your second breakfast
  • Did you know that the singular of
  • With an attitude like that, I'm surprised it didn't draw a penis on Mars sooner.
  • Try it...its glorious, friends. GLORIOUS
  • I cannot breathe.
  • Top Secret
  • Epic life hacks
  • Which would you choose?
  • Do you guy's like these as much as I do? Here's the funniest one's I could find.
  • There! Boromir just saved you like 9 hours of your life!
  • Zombies and Vampires

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awesomesuperballs -1 karma May 2014
I'm laughing and crying at the same time.(cause it is true)
awesomesuperballs -1 karma March 2014
you must be new here.
awesomesuperballs 0 karma November 2013
Looks like the Stock exchange building Bane took hostage in The Dark Knight Rises.
awesomesuperballs +2 karma November 2013
LOL! love moth!
awesomesuperballs 0 karma October 2013
BING! you got me!
awesomesuperballs 0 karma October 2013
I think I prefer the other blonde.
awesomesuperballs 0 karma September 2013
awesomesuperballs +3 karma August 2013
That made me snort a little. :-)
awesomesuperballs +1 karma August 2013
Insert dramatic music here. DUN DUN DUNNNN!
awesomesuperballs 0 karma August 2013
This comment.
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tickldbot 0 karmaApril 2013
Your post entitled "it's a trap!" was removed after being reported by a member of the Tickld community because it was: against the rules. Please review the Upload Guidelines and Terms of Use. This is an automated message.
StinerWI 0 karmaMarch 2013
I liked your recent star wars posts, the first one was my favorite. :) maybe next time wait an hour or something so it doesn't give the illusion of spamming. I'm sure there were at least a few people who auto down voted thinking they were all the same.
StinerWI 0 karmaMarch 2013
I liked those star wars posts, maybe space them out next time. Sometimes when I post a bunch in a row I feel they get downvoted simply because it appears like I'm flooding the place.
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