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bibleverse1 0 karma 11 hours ago
The neck and eyes.
bibleverse1 0 karma 11 hours ago
Die Hard
bibleverse1 +1 karma 11 hours ago
This is what happens when you wait till the last minute. This is a picture of procrastination.
bibleverse1 0 karma 23 hours ago
You mean its not available now.
bibleverse1 0 karma 23 hours ago
The hack is the best thing that happened to that movie. Free pub.
bibleverse1 -1 karma Yesterday
With that poor grammar I will take my business else where.
bibleverse1 +3 karma Yesterday
I wish I had a car....and 10 dollars.
bibleverse1 0 karma 4 days ago
Was this thing on Princess Mononoke?
bibleverse1 0 karma 4 days ago
This made me laugh so hard.
bibleverse1 0 karma 5 days ago
Very funny. Waste of a Delorean but worth the joke.
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MattiasVindevoghel +1 karma2 weeks ago
gratz with 17888 karma
fartmcdickshit +1 karmalast month
I really like that you 'flood the vote page with random ass and sometimes stupid questions'
prettyflyforabiguy [m] +1 karmalast month
fartmcdickshit +1 karmalast month
prettyflyforabiguy [m] +1 karmalast month
this is odd.
fartmcdickshit +1 karmalast month
It doesn't even go with the song, it ruins it for me
prettyflyforabiguy [m] +1 karmalast month
I had to immediately put the original version on to unfunk my view of it. did you get the relevance of my initial link though?
fartmcdickshit +1 karmalast month
I did, all his asks are black
prettyflyforabiguy [m] 0 karmalast month
AddedI like the bit where it's all "umtz umtz umtz umtz"
fartmcdickshit 0 karmalast month
AddedIts not quite as good as Oliver! but then I'm biased to that movie for some reason
drfifth +2 karmaOctober 2014
Is flooding the vote page with random ass and sometimes stupid questions all you do?
bibleverse1 0 karmaOctober 2014
teawithcrumpets94 +1 karmaSeptember 2014
The karma game is strong with this one
bibleverse1 0 karmaSeptember 2014
goobersmooches +1 karmaAugust 2014
Congrats on the weekly Karma WoF!
bibleverse1 +1 karmaAugust 2014
Krondor +1 karmaJuly 2014
did you just gift me some karms?
bibleverse1 +2 karmaJuly 2014
not me
Krondor +2 karmaJuly 2014Unsure Shrug
oh well.... ooops
UserModerator [a] 0 karmaJuly 2014
Your post entitled "Do guys still wear pony tails?" was hidden from public view after an action by a Tickld User Moderator because it was a repost. Please review the Upload Guidelines and Terms of Use. This is an automated message.
joeyclavette +1 karmaJuly 2014
bibleverse1 +2 karmaJuly 2014
Thank you for asking. I am in no danger. Just getting a feel for what others are experiencing or is it just me.
Normal_person [m] +28 karma25 gift!June 2014
Remember that time you gave me 50 karma?
bibleverse1 +2 karmaJune 2014
My records indicate it was in the second month of the year 2014.
Normal_person [m] +3 karmaJune 2014
Well, the thing is, it turns out you actually owed me 100! Sorry about the mix up!
UserModerator [a] +1 karmaMarch 2014
A Tickld User Moderator has changed the title of your post to "I don't know if this is true or not, seems legit.".
Normal_person [m] +52 karma50 gift!February 2014
Dude, when am I gonna get that 50 karma you owe me?
Normal_person [m] +3 karmaFebruary 2014
Thanks man, I knew I could trust you!
Amabo +5 karmaJanuary 2014
That avatar bro.
bibleverse1 +1 karmaJanuary 2014And I Love You Random Citizen
lulsimamoose +1 karmaJanuary 2014
A fellow Iowan Ticklr?
bibleverse1 +3 karmaJanuary 2014Applause
No. But I do like corn.
renaiconna +1 karmaJanuary 2014I Don't Know What To Do
How have I not favorited you before? Why do I tend to agree with you so much? What's going in, here?
bibleverse1 +1 karmaJanuary 2014Air Five
joeyclavette +1 karmaDecember 2013
Hey man, I can't find the thread you replied to me on about the Jew and reptilianans. I'm not sure if you're joking or genuinely offended. But I was just making fun of conspiracy theorists, perhaps it was in bad taste, but you wouldn't believe how many idiots I've seen who actually believe the Jewish people rule the earth.
bibleverse1 0 karmaDecember 2013Air Five
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