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carys +3 karma December 2012
And at the bottom we see a depiction of George Washington's lesser known twin, Derp Washington...we don't talk about him.
carys +1 karma December 2012
I'M LITERALLY wearing this shirt right now - best thing I've ever bought 8D and they're only $13 at
carys +3 karma November 2012
Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth in a private section of a theater, having been shot in the back of the head. Placing an ad with James Bond firing a gun directly towards the rear of Lincoln's skull is an accidental irony, thus, this is a fail.
carys +1 karma November 2012
I apologize, good sir, but I did make sure 'capitalize' was correct before I made my comment. I do understand that '-ize' and '-ise' can be used interchangeably based on where you're from, though, so I suppose neither of us is wrong, per-say.
carys -6 karma November 2012
But you misspelled 'capitalize,' so you are both even now, amirite?
carys +2 karma October 2012
carys 0 karma October 2012
Actually, the Twitter one reminds me of when you would scribble on a blank sheet of paper with a black marker or pen or whatever, and then you would color in any part of the scribbles that made a recognizable shape. Ladies and gentlemen, graphic design at its finest.
carys +6 karma September 2012
Ah, but *you're not.
carys +3 karma September 2012
A most eloquent returning comment, good sir, but I'm afraid that as there is no surrounding context to your thought-provoking words, I haven't a clue from what premise they derive. As a result, I conclude your response is entirely inconclusive - and thus, a waste of words. Thank you, and good day.
carys -1 karma September 2012
Definitely thought she was fapping it in the lower picture. Just sayin'.
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