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cbass19 +2 karma May 2013
If you live in texas, I would tell you to apply to your governments unemployment bureau, they will pay for your schooling as a CDL driver, as well as pay you 49.5 cents a mile or for a hotel and food for you to train at a cdl school. Personally I recommend road master driver school in san antonio texas, or st petersburg florida. They are all prior truck drivers that know what they are doing. It is a good paying job and a lot of fun to explore our great nation.
cbass19 -1 karma May 2013
Rich people that feel bad and pity the misfortunate poor people that can't manage their own life, and poor people that what we had to say shamed.. Those are the ones that don't like the truth when it stares them in the eyes. At some point, all people with money came from nothing and worked for it in some way.. Even those born to money, their ancestors worked for it. It's sheer excuses and a "woe is me" attitude that makes people never progress in life. If you can't hack it, get out.
cbass19 -8 karma May 2013
Nonsense, Americans worry more about what will happen when they take a dump than what BBC has to say. They are inconsequential and basically forgotten to American citizens.
cbass19 0 karma May 2013
Lol nice
cbass19 0 karma May 2013
That's crap and you know it. Some of the most successful, financially speaking, people out there came from nothing. They wanted more and went after it. That's all you need, is the drive to get it. When I was growing up I saw a car going by, I asked my mother "When will we get a car like that?" she said.. "I won't, but you will if you want it enough. You can have whatever you want if you want it bad enough and are willing to work for it." This came from a mother of five kids and a father that worked 2-3 jobs a week construction just to barely make ends meet every week. We never needed welfare. If you aren't disabled and unable to work, and you're living off welfare.. that's theft of taxpayer dollars.
cbass19 -8 karma May 2013
That should be obvious if you know how the welfare system works.
cbass19 0 karma May 2013
That's called topical conversation. You should learn it. It doesn't happen often, but occasionally you cast a line out and meet someone that knows the person you know.. Reel the fish in, and have a lot more to talk about.
cbass19 0 karma May 2013
Attention. Same reason as straight people that bash on gay people. I'm not gay. I could care less if the next guy is. It's not our business.
cbass19 0 karma May 2013
Seriously? Egyptian pharoahs buried their most prized possessions with them. Slaves are possessions.
cbass19 -7 karma May 2013
But it's true. I know multiple women that fornicated with a black man just so they could get welfare checks from the government.
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Mnementh +1 karmaNovember 2012
Thanks for you comments on the WW2 post. I am an American on this site, I love this site, but it also shown me that not only Americans can be doucebags. I see just as much Nationalistic pride for the UK and anti-Americanism here as I do the opposite elsewhere. I wish we all could set aside our nationalities online and come together and enjoy jokes, poke fun of history and recognize moments that "restore our faith in humanity".
cbass19 +1 karmaNovember 2012
Ya man, I've not said a bad word about them. Even though I've been tempted. I just refuse to stoop to their level. They say they hate us because of biggotry and prejudice. But that's all I see coming from them. The difference is it's cool to hate America now. They're on a bandwagon. I won't be swayed by their petty ways though. I find it amusing how much bad karma I'm getting though from that one thing. They act like Karma actually matters.

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