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Sex Male
Age 19
Location United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Ticklr since December 2012

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"something about yourself"

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  • Total Up Votes 5265
  • 785 Total Down Votes

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  • Karma 5000
  • Posts 25
  • Up-Votes 2000
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  • better call saul
  • This'll be interesting
  • This is Absolutely Outrageous
  • They see me slidin
  • Something is wrong here...
  • Morgan Freeman spoke after inhaling helium... I can die now. Watch in source
  • Cats are morons. I love them so much.
  • Insult your way around Britain and Ireland!
  • awww yisssss
  • Wiggle
  • SCIENCE!!!!

Recent Activity

cooper3503 0 karma 4 hours ago
cooper3503 +11 karma 5 hours ago
Nigga's lookin pretty jacked.
cooper3503 +1 karma 6 hours ago
A significant otter
cooper3503 +3 karma 11 hours ago
"Upvotes before integrity"
cooper3503 0 karma 12 hours ago
cooper3503 +5 karma 12 hours ago
Down with mods. Other than putting posts in the correct sections, fixing title errors and removing reposts, what have they ever done for us?
cooper3503 0 karma 14 hours ago
Perhaps it's just different in America than it is in England
cooper3503 0 karma 14 hours ago
My uni was the opposite. I studied econ and had 3 business students in my flat last year, they always came to me when they couldn't figure something out.
cooper3503 +1 karma 15 hours ago
And business students are just people who get rejected from economics
cooper3503 +3 karma 16 hours ago
You fucking homophobe
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hematite2 0 karma2 days ago
Much thanks for the karmas
Ihatechotchkies 0 karma4 days ago
Thanks for the karm karms ese.
TheCDMole 0 karma3 weeks ago
Cheers for the karmas dude
JBlackout 0 karmalast month
Ta for the karma, much appreciated!
sourjillion4 0 karmalast month
Thanks for that lovely karma gift yesterday. Doctor Whore 5 lyfe xoxox
KingOfHere [m] 0 karmalast month
Thank you for the karma gift. With it, I will now be able to buy my 7-year old Somalian daughter the bike she's always wanted. Thank you :')
cooper3503 +1 karmalast month
Always happy to help a Somalian cyclist.
HerpderHerder 0 karmalast monthF*ck Yea
thanks fer derkmerms
KingOfHere [m] 0 karmalast monthThumbs Up
Thanks for the karamels bro
posterr 0 karmalast month
Thanks for the karma
UserModerator [a] 0 karmaJune 2014
Your post entitled "Final exam tomorrow. Good description of the events immediately following it." was hidden from public view after an action by a Tickld User Moderator because it was a repost. Please review the Upload Guidelines and Terms of Use. This is an automated message.
deleted_user 0 karmaMay 2014
Thanks for the karma!
SmilingPolitely21 0 karmaMay 2014
Cheers for el karmo dude!
Soulmaster187 0 karmaMay 2014Air Five
Thanks for the karma, man
xAsh 0 karmaApril 2014Bow (Eric)
Thanks for the karma.
comeonbro 0 karmaApril 2014
Thanks for the support bro
cooper3503 +1 karmaApril 2014You're Welcome
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