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Sex Male
Age 20
Location United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Ticklr since December 2012

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"something about yourself"

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  • 1277 Total Down Votes

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  • When a post too good for a 10/10
  • You talkin' ****?
  • funni comment image plaese
  • Even this title is better than yours.
  • Oh! It's your first post is it?
  • And now you've ruined it
  • I'm only telling you because I love you
  • It just needs to be said sometimes
  • ____________________________________________________
  • Think this is needed sometimes.
  • No, Snowflake, you're not the only one
  • tickld community PSA

Recent Activity

cooper3503 +1 karma 1 hour ago
Had sex with a real life person
cooper3503 0 karma 1 hour ago
Yeah, screw them. How dare they, the lowly labourers, talk to you.
cooper3503 0 karma 1 hour ago
Last time I checked a petrol station in the UK, it was about £1.40 per litre. Although apparently there was a recent fall on prices?
cooper3503 0 karma 4 hours ago
Bold. Very bold.
cooper3503 +1 karma 9 hours ago
Or when they're given the choice of 2 topics, and they don't pick the one that you want them to / the thing you know about.
cooper3503 +5 karma 11 hours ago
Average american man.
cooper3503 +7 karma Yesterday
Was this Hitler's attitude to invading Russia?
cooper3503 +4 karma 2 days ago
I'm presuming they gave 'the lion, the witch and the wardrobe' 5 stars?
cooper3503 +1 karma 2 days ago
If you refuse to give it up, you'll get shot. And then you won't have to take the exam
cooper3503 0 karma 2 days ago
I'm willing to guess you have a full time carer?
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newyorker10019 0 karma3 weeks agoAir Five
The biggest thank you for all the Karma. This was the most exciting thing ever to happen to me (on Tickld).
UserModerator [a] +1 karmalast month
Calling someone a "c**t". No need for it.
sourjillion4 0 karmalast month
Thanx for those lovely kermitz bae. Did you used to have a different avatar?
cooper3503 +1 karmalast month
Eye of sauron. People kept getting the silly idea that I was in the "middle earth fandom" so it had to go
sourjillion4 0 karmalast month
That's what I thought. I didn't think you were a Tolkein fandumbass, though. Just thought you were ever watchful.
cooper3503 0 karmalast month
It just made finding comments easier, since it was bright red and most others at the time were white.
Duncanhoopz 0 karmalast monthHere's To You
Thanks for the karma man!
PostsOnlyinaHaiku 0 karmalast month
Thank you once more, sir,

For that wonderful karma:

Thunderbolt37 [m] 0 karmalast monthFreak Out (Kermit)
Thanks for the kerma!!
cooper3503 +2 karmalast monthFreak Out
Der kermer
PostsOnlyinaHaiku +1 karmalast month
Oh great staring goose,

Dapper in dress and kindness,

Thanks for the karma.
deadpoetkeats 0 karmaOctober 2014
Thanks for the karma-lades.
chosimbaaaa +1 karmaSeptember 2014
Thanks for the marma.
JtotheR24 0 karmaSeptember 2014
Thank you for the karmas
timantha 0 karmaSeptember 2014
thanks for the karam
thienv [m] 0 karmaSeptember 2014
thanks for the k's
hematite2 0 karmaAugust 2014
Much thanks for the karmas
Ihatechotchkies 0 karmaAugust 2014
Thanks for the karm karms ese.
TheCDMole 0 karmaAugust 2014
Cheers for the karmas dude
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