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  • When the drugs hit you too hard and you have to concentrate on not dying
  • Taking the wind right out of my sails
  • Can't argue with that
  • Happinesss
  • Still a better slogan than "just say NO!"
  • It's more like a pub crawl to be honest
  • This guy does not f*ck about
  • Street art feels.
  • More Disney celebs trying to break away from the Disney Image.
  • South pizzle
  • My local liquor store gets it

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dippy67890 +1 karma 2 weeks ago
i have the same reaction when someone tries to make me eat healthy too
dippy67890 0 karma 2 weeks ago
I hate seeing this being down voted. But what can you do? Be strong fellow American. We all can make it through this, together
dippy67890 +1 karma 2 weeks ago
this is awesome!! probs works terrible thoe
dippy67890 0 karma last month
Okay everyone relax... it was a joke that I thought the tickld community might appreciate. Clearly not.
dippy67890 -3 karma last month
4 hottest chicks on ticlkd and we start a porn site with the main focus being nerdy fantasy
dippy67890 -5 karma last month
lmfao thats funny. You should deff make a post about how Canadian bacon is "actual bacon" lol thats too much,
dippy67890 -1 karma last month
Too soon
dippy67890 -5 karma last month
right cause Canadian bacon is sooooo much healthy than actual bacon...
dippy67890 0 karma last month
And thats how I met your mother kids
dippy67890 0 karma last month
the world's most interesting dog
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Sketcher 0 karmaJune 2014
Thanks for the kamrus!
Lynch1921 0 karmaApril 2014
Yeah, I'm in Hillside. Small world. We have meetings every tuesday during common hour in 214 if you're around and want to write.
Lynch1921 0 karmaApril 2014
Yeah, I'm the sports editor and production manager of The Beacon. Do you live on campus?
dippy67890 0 karmaApril 2014
Yeah I do man, I am the President of the Sales Club. You live on campus?
Lynch1921 0 karmaApril 2014
Hey, do you go to WPU? I saw your Rex Grossman post, and I made that page of The Beacon
dippy67890 0 karmaApril 2014
Yeah man, I do go to Willy P. I am guessing you do to?
dutters11 -1 karmaFebruary 2014
Don't just run away when you realize you're wrong. Apologize.
UserModerator [a] 0 karmaAugust 2013
Your post entitled "Meth not even once" was removed after an action by a Tickld User Moderator because it was: "a repost". Please review the Upload Guidelines and Terms of Use. This is an automated message.
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