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dirtysocks85 +6 karma February 2014
I'm a teacher and I have these thoughts on a regular basis. What's worse is that I'm licensed in my state to carry a concealed firearm, but I am not allowed to have it on me while at work. There are other things in my classroom I could likely use as a weapon, but I'm guessing I'd likely take a bullet and die in the process.
dirtysocks85 +2 karma February 2014
And if teachers wanted to pay out of their own pocket for training, what's wrong with that? I am a public school teacher that has a concealed carry permit in my state. I carry a handgun on my person everywhere that I am legally able to (which does not include the school I work in). If there was an additional training course that I could sign up for (even at my own expense) that would allow me to carry a concealed weapon in my classroom in the event of a shooter in the building, I'd sign up in a heartbeat.
dirtysocks85 0 karma January 2014
I'd love an actor or character name, since SGU was very much an ensemble cast and didn't have a "main character". For example, David Blue, who played Eli, is a HUGE Stargate fan who had watched through SG-1 and Atlantis multiple times before being cast. Robert Carlyle wasn't familiar with the material ahead of time, but he did his research.
dirtysocks85 +6 karma January 2014
Atlantis does have an "end", but clearly it was rushed because the show was going away. SGU however leaves on a major cliffhanger because it was cancelled far before the show was ready for it. Still, worth a watch if you can live with that kind of thing (I personally can, and plenty of other shows I love never got a proper ending, like Alphas or Dollhouse)
dirtysocks85 0 karma January 2014
I disagree on the part about the actors not being into it. The general impression I got was that most of the actors on the show loved being on it (particularly those I follow on Twitter), but that people nailed the show to the wall because it wasn't the Stargate they were used to.
dirtysocks85 0 karma January 2014
I like SG-1 the best, followed by Atlantis, followed by SGU, but I enjoyed all of them. I think if SGU had been given another couple of seasons it really could have hit its stride. Clearly they were trying to depart from the formula set by SG-1 and Atlantis. It's different, and that's what bothered a lot of people.
dirtysocks85 0 karma January 2014
We just watched Amazon until they were on a great sale.
dirtysocks85 +2 karma January 2014
I've actually spent the past several days ripping all 10 seasons of SG-1 from DVD for my newly built HTPC. Well timed. Season 10 disc 3 is ripping at the moment... so close (but I still have to rip Atlantis and SGU after that). Also, here's another Thor to show my approval.
dirtysocks85 0 karma December 2013
It was a ceramic squirrel. She beat and stabbed her husband with it for not bringing home beer.
dirtysocks85 0 karma December 2013
I came here to comment that most guns will not discharge when dropped. I see that the rest of you have already taken care of that. Good job fellow Ticklrs
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burnmastaflex +1 karmaSeptember 2013Applause (Obama)
Thanks for that accidental Karma buddy!
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