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elliottgray 0 karma February 2013
It's time to play another game of the world famous name those bitches!!! contestants ready!! go !!!
elliottgray +9 karma February 2013
This guy know's his etiquette
elliottgray -1 karma October 2012
I'm from South Wales, Aberdare, hour from Cardiff
elliottgray -1 karma October 2012
what part of Wales are you from?.
the eye pronunciation would be "aii" too me
elliottgray +2 karma October 2012
yeah new year is usually a depressing dude fest for me
elliottgray +1 karma October 2012
this is amazing
elliottgray 0 karma October 2012
Your kittens a dirty fuck
elliottgray +1 karma October 2012
guy in the far background doesn't seem phased
elliottgray +5 karma October 2012
Ahh the glorious morning piss, 1 thing worth getting out of bed for.
elliottgray +1 karma October 2012
Pretty good way to store your cd's
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vegalovescats +1 karmaNovember 2012
Just read some of your comments!!C: owwhh how you made my day. literally made my sides hurt!!Keep up the good work!!
-just saying-

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