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Sex Male
Age 19
Location United States
Ticklr since October 2012

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  • Total Up Votes 509
  • 27 Total Down Votes

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  • Up-Votes 500
  • Highscore: 44
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  • Wut
  • Neigh Neigh mother****er
  • Mate Match
  • Someone give this man a cookie.
  • Gotta love the old days
  • We have all been there gentleman.
  • Keepin it real
  • When you just so fly that all the hunnies want you
  • This is how you get the driver's seat on the bus to hell
  • Love you all
  • I never asked for these feels
  • This is how I want mine to be..

Recent Activity

extr3m1s7 0 karma August 2014
Now I'm no expert... But wouldn't 'Bunnyman' have been a better title.
extr3m1s7 0 karma May 2014
TomAto, tomaaaato
extr3m1s7 +11 karma February 2014
I almost thought this was the real thin but hen realized.. There's 10 posts per page
extr3m1s7 +1 karma February 2014
I know the creator of the app. Absolute computer genius. He's so wise for taking two trends an combining them.
extr3m1s7 0 karma September 2013
extr3m1s7 0 karma August 2013
Now I'm curious what book and page this was.
extr3m1s7 +3 karma August 2013
I appreciate your cause but do the right thing on your own for your own morals. Doing something and not mentioning it to anyone and being an uninfluenced decision is the best way. Have a nice day random citizen.
extr3m1s7 0 karma August 2013
Is it just me or is the one in the bottom right drowning?
extr3m1s7 +1 karma July 2013
I swear if this ever isn't the top liked post here on tickld..
extr3m1s7 0 karma June 2013
I thought it and was hoping no one put it in the comments yet but you beat me to it.
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