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Age 23
Location United Kingdom (Great Britain)
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flameline +4 karma May 2014
I asked a girl as to why the guy should make the first move, she said "we carry the babies"
flameline +2 karma April 2014
Shia Labeouf and Jon Snow?
flameline 0 karma February 2014
One does not simply read this in a normal voice.
flameline +10 karma January 2014
This is the only reason in which girls wearing an excessive amount of make-up is acceptable.
flameline 0 karma March 2013
yes he is, look closely at the right of the photo that's being held, you can see his head and a bit of his arm
flameline 0 karma March 2013
Bit late but enjoy: http://imgur.com/gallery/ZkzPvsl
flameline 0 karma March 2013
Laughed so hard at the other one I made a mistake on the title
flameline +1 karma March 2013
You spelled lying wrong, your statement is irrelevant. And I'm not lying
flameline +12 karma March 2013
0:14 to 0:16 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BST3CCnP6uE you're welcome
flameline +1 karma March 2013
I see your point there, maybe I should've cropped it off cos their reactions would have been enough
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