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fringe47 +4 karma Yesterday
It's pretty good in America too, as long as you don't overdo it. Honestly, if your stomach can't handle one McDouble every once in awhile, that's more a result of you having a ridiculously sensitive stomach than McDonald's having ridiculously horrible food.
fringe47 0 karma Yesterday
Social anxiety isn't just one thing; it's more like a spectrum. You can't use the most extreme end of it to typify the whole thing.
fringe47 0 karma Yesterday
But it's not just used for racism.
fringe47 0 karma Yesterday
The main point is bringing honor to God through obeying his will and doing the best you can to live up to his standards. This comes before any rewards you get for yourself. For example, consider the priorities expressed in the Lord's Prayer: 1. Let your name be sanctified (God's name should be considered holy and given the honor it deserves). 2. Let your Kingdom come (God has rightful sovereignty over everything). 3. Let your will take place (Everything that God wants to be done should be done). The primary emphasis of this prayer is on bringing honor to God. It's only after that that it goes on to talk about your own needs: daily bread, forgiven debts, and deliverance from temptation and evil. Now, I'm not saying that every single Christian in the world puts this above their own desires. I'm sure there are some Christians who only do what they do because they want to get rewarded. But that doesn't mean that that's supposed to be the main goal of Christianity--it's just what some people mistake it to be.
fringe47 -1 karma Yesterday
Okay, but my point still stands. If you adopt a puppy, you're happy because you have a puppy. If you buy a puppy, you're happy because you have a puppy.
fringe47 +3 karma Yesterday
Since the same few scenes keep getting reposted over and over, I'm guessing those are the only funny parts it had.
fringe47 +7 karma Yesterday
Nobody's forcing them to go outside. They're in a situation where they have to choose between smoking and staying inside, and they're whining because they can't do both at once.
fringe47 0 karma 3 days ago
You're welcome!
fringe47 +1 karma 3 days ago
You're welcome!
fringe47 -5 karma 3 days ago
Why say adopt? You'll be just as happy buying a puppy.
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roseofthorn +1 karma4 days agoBubbles
Thank you for the karma! <3
fringe47 +1 karma3 days agoAir Five
You're welcome!
ifvwwlos 0 karma2 weeks ago
Thanks for the karma!
fringe47 0 karma3 days ago
You're welcome!
MarriedToTheDoctor +1 karma2 weeks agoBro Hug
Thank you for the karma :)
fringe47 +1 karma2 weeks agoHug (cat)
You're welcome!
Lukazoid18 +1 karmalast monthThumb Up (Epic)
Thanks for the karma bro!
fringe47 +2 karmalast month
You're welcome!
qqqq +1 karmaJuly 2014Air Five
Thanks for the karma!
fringe47 +1 karmaJuly 2014
No problem!
BobQuas +1 karmaApril 2014
Thanking you for the karma!
fringe47 +1 karmaMay 2014
You're welcome!
sasquatchius 0 karmaMarch 2014Let Me Love You
puggle999 +1 karmaFebruary 2014Hero High Five
Thank you very much for your generous gift!
DantesAurelius +1 karmaDecember 2013
Thanks for the Karma, you're my new favourite person whose name looks like fridge =D
deleted_user +1 karmaDecember 2013
Thanks for the gifted Karma, fellow Ticklr!
fringe47 +1 karmaDecember 2013
You're welcome!

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