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Age 18
Location United Kingdom (Great Britain)
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  • Well you don't wanna get in trouble now do you
  • Also you could use a screwdriver...
  • Naming no names
  • Please, tell me more about
  • Yes, yes we do. Jelly?
  • Erm, no.
  • Lawyer'd
  • Hey knows stuff
  • Oh, Rupert

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hagawaga123 +1 karma last month
No "IF" and "NOW" = "NOT"
hagawaga123 +1 karma last month
Unix time started 1/1/70, so if the time gets reset it reverts to this date 44 years ago.
hagawaga123 0 karma last month
They are so bad, but I still enjoy them.
hagawaga123 0 karma last month
As you say boo-ee
hagawaga123 -5 karma last month
How many Americans get this joke?
hagawaga123 +1 karma June 2014
You do well to always find a replacement.
hagawaga123 +2 karma June 2014
To be fair he was only Trask in The Last Stand.
hagawaga123 0 karma January 2014

This comment has been deleted.

hagawaga123 0 karma January 2014

This comment has been deleted.

hagawaga123 +1 karma January 2014
It is actually harder than you may think, since our ISPs have been court order to block major streaming sites.
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