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hilarydufffan 0 karma last month
you have the same hand as me, thus you must be my clone
hilarydufffan 0 karma May 2014
how did your battery survive!
hilarydufffan +1 karma April 2014
so glad i live in canada
hilarydufffan 0 karma April 2014
looks like an air canada jet, makes sense now
hilarydufffan -2 karma April 2014
that felt good to look at, my OCD likes this post
hilarydufffan 0 karma April 2014
btw this is in canada too
hilarydufffan 0 karma April 2014
we have cops patroling paved park trails in a golf cart
hilarydufffan 0 karma April 2014
they call it big ben because the bell looks like a guy names ben whom was a tad heavy around the waste
hilarydufffan 0 karma April 2014
then a hair storm comes and shiiiiit haha
hilarydufffan 0 karma April 2014
have two female friends that are in this situation, and every time I give them advice they think they know what they're doing... lol
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