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hilarydufffan -1 karma Yesterday
Canada won the 1st war for the allies, you guys did lend a hand america! :)
hilarydufffan 0 karma 4 weeks ago
rock n roll is dead
hilarydufffan 0 karma October 2014
In Alberta csnada is 18 to drink, could have been mentioned so far, never read all the comments
hilarydufffan 0 karma October 2014
I'm so sick of my iphone 5, the bs involved in getting the battery problem checked, way cheaper to buy out my contract and get an android then to just fix it
hilarydufffan +1 karma September 2014
such an awesome chill band!!
hilarydufffan +1 karma September 2014
this is where america gets there oil from also
hilarydufffan +1 karma September 2014
everyone is over reacting about the oilsands, theres an oil refinery in LA which pollutes a ton
hilarydufffan -14 karma August 2014
all my anroid friends has cracked android screens, and always have their batteries die faster then my iphone, and iphone friends
hilarydufffan 0 karma May 2014
you have the same hand as me, thus you must be my clone
hilarydufffan 0 karma May 2014
how did your battery survive!
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