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Location United Kingdom (Great Britain)
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hywynf +2 karma 2 weeks ago
Good luck pal, hope you get what you wanted!
hywynf +1 karma May 2014
Hey man, I've been thinking about getting Island Thunder (Only have the original GR and Desert Siege) - worth adding it to the collection?
hywynf +1 karma May 2014

This comment has been deleted.

hywynf 0 karma March 2014
Caernarfon-ish way, not too far from Snowdon, but in Aber uni at the moment. Nice meeting you ^_^
hywynf 0 karma March 2014
Gog or Southie? Whenever I see anything related to Wales on tickld I almost go apeshit ha
hywynf 0 karma March 2014
Ticklr Cymraeg makes me happy. I go dance
hywynf 0 karma March 2014
Cymraeg? (If not I'll feel a bit silly)
hywynf 0 karma March 2014
Blodyn! Yay.
hywynf 0 karma March 2014
5'8", all my friends are 6'+ so I do wish I'd grow a little more, maybe... But I choose to be okay with that
hywynf 0 karma December 2013
That sling is ghetto as f**k!
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