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Sex Male
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Location United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Ticklr since Before October 2012

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iAteUrSandwich 0 karma September 2013
We must go back for the doughnuts they're eating...
iAteUrSandwich +6 karma February 2013
It's a fair point, I completely understand how something like this would be very disrespectful in the eyes of someone else. I just don't mind personally, because I think that the bible teaches the wrong message in many places.
iAteUrSandwich +9 karma February 2013
Most anti-faith posts are going around because of how religion is portrayed in the media, for example, the Westboro Baptist Church, and the muslim extremists. An analogy would be a person with a relatively good body, apart from a large red spot on their face. People would focus in on the spot, which is what the media is currently doing, and therefore, quite other people don't tend to try and look past this, because they want to be angry about something. I for one, as a Christian, think this post is pretty funny, and not at all blasphemous, but then again, I'm very liberal. Sorry for the lack of paragraphs
iAteUrSandwich +2 karma February 2013
Oh my xD
iAteUrSandwich +20 karma February 2013
I'm not very good at puns. Scrotum.
iAteUrSandwich +2 karma February 2013
Admittedly though, this pope is no way near as good as the last :S
iAteUrSandwich +5 karma February 2013
Don't you hate it when a sentence doesn't end the way you thought it octopus?
iAteUrSandwich +3 karma February 2013
2% ultimate deliciousness level achieved.
iAteUrSandwich +1 karma February 2013
Or make one that crashes into the main road of the park
iAteUrSandwich +1 karma February 2013
Five is way out!
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