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Sex Male
Age 27
Location United States
Ticklr since October 2012

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jreed14 +2 karma May 2013
"Yay!! I'm in the NHL!!!! GO CALGARY!!!" "OK, Calgary, why can't we win in the playoffs?" "Toronto? Really? I'm never going to win a Stanley Cup."
jreed14 +1 karma May 2013
Girl from my high school told people for a good 9 months that she wasn't pregnant, that she had a tumor. No one believed her, for good reasons. Lone behold, 9 months later, the 'tumor' was gone...
jreed14 0 karma May 2013
Charles Barkley will read the teleprompter word for word, just like Ron Burgundy. "I'm Charles Barkley, and I'm a dumbass" (if you've never seen it, look it up)
jreed14 +1 karma May 2013
And looking at the two young ugly parents, all that is popping in my head right now is Stephen Lynch's song. "Damn, thats an ugly ass baby!"
jreed14 +1 karma May 2013
I miss this show so much :( Though the last season went down hill a little, I still miss it.
jreed14 0 karma May 2013
This is creepy. As I was walking to work this morning, Wishbone popped in my head because I saw some girl walking a dog that looked just like him.
jreed14 +2 karma May 2013
So, my question is. The guy telling the story, was it his hand up the guys ass?
jreed14 +2 karma May 2013
It looks like a crazy miniature golf course
jreed14 0 karma May 2013
My name is Jeff... and I need toilet paper... This is a sign.
jreed14 0 karma May 2013
And its reasons like this why you don't argue religion or politics ever.
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