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kingjam +1 karma June 2013
I just loved how all time low got a worse reception it was a moment of pure gold!
kingjam 0 karma June 2013
That last post is so true, at a concert the other day the DJ played bohemian rhapsody and the crowd gave it twice as good a reception as the support act
kingjam 0 karma April 2013

This comment has been deleted.

kingjam +6 karma April 2013
well played my good man (uploader of the first post)
kingjam +1 karma April 2013
why thank you
kingjam +17 karma March 2013
and now i've seen your comment i've donated an extra £20 to comic relief thanks for your contribution
kingjam +4 karma March 2013
he left the chat immediatly
kingjam -7 karma February 2013

This comment has been deleted.

kingjam -13 karma February 2013
Sorry "my daughter" "her mother" hmmm i sense a disturbance in the force...
kingjam 0 karma February 2013
absolutely nothing....
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