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Sex Male
Age 25
Location United States
Ticklr since Before October 2012

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  • Believe it or not, being a Christian doesn't mean you hate science
  • I give you...The Zombie Cocktail
  • Some Patrick I Used to Know
  • Blink
  • Thug Einstein
  • Celebs As Pokemon
  • Cute animals

Recent Activity

matoro1989 0 karma July 2013
That's more impressive than anything I got... I've only had the phone a few months, maybe I need to train it with more exotic words.
matoro1989 -1 karma July 2013
As long as it was Next Generation or Voyager.
matoro1989 0 karma July 2013
matoro1989 0 karma July 2013
I didn't diss other cartoons, I'm just saying the ideas and content were created in the 90's, the actual production came later. It's more like it was incubated for a decade and a half.
matoro1989 +5 karma July 2013
It has the words "Pretty", "Little", and "Liars" in the title. Automatically terrible.
matoro1989 +3 karma July 2013
Phineas and Ferb was first thought of in the 90's by guys who worked on dozens of classic 90's cartoons. It can't really be called a modern Disney cartoon with it's rich heritage. It was just a late bloomer.
matoro1989 -2 karma July 2013
Or even better: Korgoth of Barbaria.
matoro1989 0 karma July 2013
Insert FLCL at the end.
matoro1989 +1 karma July 2013
Real life autocorrects are rarely funny. Most common autocorrect for me: "mmkay" becomes "McKay". Whoopdeedoodledoo.
matoro1989 +1 karma July 2013
Make it extra interesting and add omnisexual.
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