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mattydubs 0 karma May 2013
either you are the age of like 10 that doesnt know a thing about driving or youre just fucking idiots. its clear that there are two cars trying to go through one lane which goes through the light .. which is also labelled by the sign.. smart people
mattydubs 0 karma May 2013
Haha ^ this guy deserves a medal !
mattydubs 0 karma April 2013
its just saying how when buying things these days.. you pay more for brand name stuff.. even if the other thing is the same thing just not brand
mattydubs 0 karma March 2013
mattydubs 0 karma March 2013
fucking people
mattydubs +1 karma February 2013
we will vin dis for motha russia !!!!
mattydubs +2 karma February 2013
yesssssss hahaha
mattydubs +1 karma February 2013
How can people be that dumb... honestly ?
mattydubs 0 karma December 2012
Some people are just so fucking stupid. It's pathetic.
mattydubs 0 karma December 2012
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