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mollyadams1990 0 karma May 2014
That is the cutest Kraken in Krakendom
mollyadams1990 +2 karma May 2014
Hahaha what an idiot. "My body is a kitchen!"
mollyadams1990 0 karma May 2014
Oh, God!!
mollyadams1990 0 karma May 2014
Perhaps it's an injured ass.
mollyadams1990 0 karma May 2014
UGH I hated that
mollyadams1990 +2 karma November 2013
Well, actually, what they're serving on the bottom looks like mint green tea, chai as it's known here is a black tea with tons of spices, but in some areas of the world "chai" is just dialectical for "tea", so it might not've been actual CHAI, it may've just been the word they use for tea... :)
mollyadams1990 +3 karma November 2013
Oh it is!
mollyadams1990 +1 karma October 2013
Does FFS stand for: "For Fuck's Sake"? :)
mollyadams1990 0 karma October 2013
Right? Am I the only one who was sobbing when they found out? Edna's one of my favorite characters. What an amazing woman Marcia Wallace is/was. I've got to watch some Simpson's now.
mollyadams1990 +1 karma October 2013
Guilty. Always... :/ Darn.
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chillwinston [m] +1 karmaSeptember 2013
Thanks for the karma!
mollyadams1990 +1 karmaSeptember 2013

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