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Sex Male
Age 27
Location United Kingdom (Great Britain)
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mrsnooch +1 karma July 2013
Or it's telling them that their mate Tom is gay..
mrsnooch +2 karma March 2013
Samuel L Jackson? :O
mrsnooch +2 karma March 2013
haha red blue blur, Smallville style. Oddly enough another boy today in Scotland ALSO fell 3 floors and was ALSO aged 4, but sadly he died :(
mrsnooch 0 karma February 2013
Classic Gregory!
mrsnooch +1 karma February 2013
Troy and Britta?
mrsnooch 0 karma February 2013
No shit, Sherlock!!
mrsnooch 0 karma January 2013
Unless you're living in Northern Ireland...
mrsnooch 0 karma January 2013
Isn't that the dude from 666 Park Avenue? Minus the glasses.
mrsnooch +4 karma January 2013
"Why do we let you be a country?"

With grammar like that, I doubt you have a choice.
mrsnooch +1 karma August 2012
Harry Potter!

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