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ABOUT ME In the process of joining the British Army, Gym and music lover, and of course Tickld :) Feel free to drop a message
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mrwaffleguy +2 karma 2 days ago
Got my date for basic training last month
mrwaffleguy +1 karma 3 days ago
Eh, I leave for basic training in a month, so I haven't really got time for girlfriends now
AddedBut thanks dude
mrwaffleguy 0 karma 3 days ago
First love cheated on me after about 3 years, completely broke me. Been single for year. Kinda depressing.
mrwaffleguy 0 karma 5 days ago
Waaaaaait, you live in Norwich?
mrwaffleguy 0 karma 5 days ago

This comment has been deleted.

mrwaffleguy 0 karma 5 days ago
Can someone link me to the story?
mrwaffleguy +1 karma 1 weeks ago
Allow me to fix it m'lady *Fedora intensifies*
mrwaffleguy +1 karma 1 weeks ago
mrwaffleguy 0 karma 2 weeks ago
mrwaffleguy 0 karma 2 weeks ago

This comment has been deleted.

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Suki121 +1 karma4 weeks ago
I like your name. That is all.
mrwaffleguy 0 karma4 weeks agoI have no strong feelings
tyrantsmisery +1 karmalast month
Damn man who did you pissed off to get all that bad karma?
AddedNevermind just took the time to scroll down.
UsernameChange 0 karmalast month
This comment has been deleted.
laurabremner988 0 karmaAugust 2014
Minus over three hundred karma?? Who did you piss off?? Also, eighteen huh? *sleazy comment about educating you*
mrwaffleguy -1 karmaAugust 2014
Posts on opinions, some folks don't want to hear any but their own ;) And if you insist
laurabremner988 0 karmaAugust 2014
Ah I see. If I see a controversial post, I tend not to go near it. I'll get downvoted to crap too.
Haha, maybe. Photographic angles can be deceptive. You might have gotten lucky with your profile pic, how do I know?
mrwaffleguy -1 karmaAugust 2014
Yeah, I do often find the temptation difficult to resist..But honestly, I hate that photo of me..but you can have my snapchat if you like then? Who's to say that you didn't either?
laurabremner988 0 karmaAugust 2014
Ah, yeah. For the sake of fairness I guess. I do have snapchat.
mrwaffleguy -1 karmaAugust 2014
Whats your username?
laurabremner988 0 karmaAugust 2014
How about you give me yours then I'll add you?
mrwaffleguy -1 karmaAugust 2014
This comment has been deleted.
laurabremner988 0 karmaAugust 2014
I've added you...
mrwaffleguy -1 karmaAugust 2014
I've accepted
laurabremner988 0 karmaAugust 2014
You have a worryingly high score. I rarely use it.
UserModerator [a] 0 karmaAugust 2014
A Tickld User Moderator has changed the section of your post to "SMSG".
deleted_user +1 karmaAugust 2013
You like Coldplay?
mrwaffleguy 0 karmaAugust 2013
deleted_user +1 karmaAugust 2013And I Love You Random Citizen
mrwaffleguy 0 karmaAugust 2013You're Awesome
NeonMuffin [m] -1 karmaAugust 2013I know that feels
Hey, you are FANTASTIC. There is no one in this world that could hold a candle to you. Someone is out there that will love you like you have never felt before. I know how you feel, I really do. You will find someone that will think you are amazing even at your worst and wouldn't have you any other way. You are young and have so much going for you. If you don't believe me, just wait, you will get in your 20s and meet someone mature who doesn't play games with your heart. And if it helps, you are seriously good looking, especially for 16. I feel like a complete creeper saying that, but it's true. That's coming from a 22 year old American chick. Seriously, come to the states and you will be swarmed with babes. I'm not joking.
mrwaffleguy +4 karma5 gift!August 2013
Hahaha, No I have to say, from reading that, YOU are fantastic, that honestly so heart-warming to read, that there are lovely people in this world just like you...I wouldn't say that American chicks would be swarming me because of my looks, I'd say it would be my accent ;). Neon, you are such a lovely, lovely person, I'm glad you're in this world :)
Thurington 0 karmaAugust 2013Follow Your Dreams
You've your entire life ahead of you. If you're 16 then it's literally impossible that you don't have the potential to become who you want. Do you watch Boogie on Youtube?
mrwaffleguy 0 karmaAugust 2013
Thanks man, and no I don't, I'll take a look.. P.S, thank you for that, and I love the sloth
Thurington 0 karmaAugust 2013Buddy Christ
I like listening to his opinion. He always helps me to see things in a better way. Some of them can be quite lengthy so I put them on to listen to while I do something else. Who doesn't love a bit of sloth
UserModerator [a] 0 karmaAugust 2013
Your post entitled "I heard that there was a lack of boobs on Tickld. Enjoy!" was removed after an action by a Tickld User Moderator because it was: "inappropriate". Please review the Upload Guidelines and Terms of Use. This is an automated message.
mrwaffleguy -2 karmaAugust 2013
This comment has been deleted.
SunflowerQueen 0 karmaJuly 2013You are a welcome member of this community
Dear I noticed you are feeling down, so I popped over to your page to give you a cheering up. Now, I realize it's not as good as a hug and some tasty baked goods, but I just want you to know that as a fellow ticklr, I value you and I'm here across the pond acting as your slightly neurotic cheerleader.
mrwaffleguy -1 karmaJuly 2013Salsa Dog
Thank you man, I feel so low but that helped me a little bit, thank you, and enjoy this salsa dog :)
SunflowerQueen 0 karmaJuly 2013
This comment has been deleted.
tickldbot 0 karmaApril 2013
Your post entitled "I speak for all of humanity" was removed after being reported by a member of the Tickld community because it was: Hateful. Please review the Upload Guidelines and Terms of Use. This is an automated message.
mrwaffleguy 0 karmaApril 2013
Alright, that is fair.

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