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ABOUT ME I'm a geek for almost everything. Does it kind of make me a hipster when I play indie-art computer games and listen to Australian folk bands? yeah. but unlike hipsters I'd love to share these things with everyone. I love hockey, rugby, and games of all sorts. LOOK UP "Don't Starve."
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nadoss +3 karma 7 hours ago
In Italian, you say "In" if you're talking about anything larger than a city.
nadoss 0 karma 13 hours ago
Also, if we're talking about math being hard. Math has the slowest progression of pretty much any subject. Think about it, when did you really finish learning how to multiply shit. If we're talking more than just 6 times 8, probably 5th grade for most kids. People gonna need to be integrating shit soon and we're taking ten years to explain to a kid how to figure out how many cookies are in the room if 15 people have a box of 23 cookies each.
nadoss 0 karma 14 hours ago
Oh my god she is an awful human being
nadoss +1 karma 3 days ago
he's already got a suit that counteracts magneto's powers... It's carbon fiber.
nadoss +3 karma 3 days ago
Just because you write it condescendingly about people who are clearly jumping on a bandwagon doesn't mean that there aren't medical upsides and incredible economic benefits.
nadoss +31 karma 3 days ago
nope, just comparing scapegoating hate speech to scapegoating hate speech
nadoss 0 karma 4 days ago
It amazes me that tickld doesn't have an archer "YOU AREN'T MY SUPERVISOR!" comment image. I don't have the link anymore. Although the negative one is pretty easy to find on the American Lung Association website
nadoss 0 karma 4 days ago
A recent study done showed that "Otherwise healthy men who have smoked the equivalent of one joint daily for seven years have a lung capacity that is 1.6 percent higher than that of otherwise healthy non-marijuana-smoking men." However the American Lung Association does note that the creation of Bullae which can be dangerous. You'd be very hard pressed to find a study that says it's as bad or worse than cigarettes, unless you're talking of people smoking blunts only.
nadoss 0 karma 4 days ago
You should work for the special olympics track and field department. I've never seen someone so skilled at lowering the bar.
nadoss 0 karma 4 days ago
still hardly abstract
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dragonkeeper1 0 karmaSeptember 2014
dinks fir kerm
nadoss +1 karmaSeptember 2014
eees ner perblum
hunnaa [m] 0 karmaNovember 2013
Thank you for the karma!
nadoss +2 karmaNovember 2013
no worries, all the posts about how people were sad looking at the dog was pissing my mother off. When I suggested trying to make Popiel an internet celebrity she responded, "Well she should be one."
hunnaa [m] 0 karmaNovember 2013
Haha, i thought it was pretty funny.
livewell 0 karmaAugust 2013
Are you Italian?
nadoss 0 karmaAugust 2013
Mixed race, partly Italian. Studied Italian at University.

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