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ABOUT ME I'm a geek for almost everything. Does it kind of make me a hipster when I play indie-art computer games and listen to Australian folk bands? yeah. but unlike hipsters I'd love to share these things with everyone. I love hockey, rugby, and games of all sorts. LOOK UP "Don't Starve."
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nadoss +1 karma Yesterday
What would an onomatopoeia sound like? It isn't a sound so it couldn't possible by onomatopoeic. Also I have a lisp but if I concentrate I can say lisp right (it takes me like 4 tries though)
nadoss +3 karma Yesterday
You could always do the awkward thing that someone in a stall over did when the exact same thing happened to them while I was in the bathroom. I heard the click and I was wondering what they were doing too, except right after the click they awkwardly half-yelled "SCREENSHOT"
nadoss +10 karma Yesterday
What you describe isn't sexism or racism, you're right. (I'll only address sexism here, because of the decisions made to define racism as something supported by institutions, a definition I believe to be a bit odd, but I won't go into it here) What these people are generally talking to is when someone treats them poorly because of their sex or the color of their skin. For example, I was working at a winery that is known to be owned and operated (in terms of the winemaking) by a woman, something that is quite rare. I really like the winery and the owner/winemaker, and it's one of my favourite jobs ever. That being said, a few women came in and started asking about the winery and I cheerily told them when we started, and the winemaking philosophies that our winemaker likes to espouse. At a certain point, they started being incredibly rude to me and asking why they have to be served by a man. I basically ignored their question and poured them their last wine in the flight, when they were done they left without paying despite my objections. They were rude, unresponsive, and inconsiderate of my job and of the business, simply because of my gender. That's definitely sexism.
nadoss +26 karma 3 days ago
There are infinite natural numbers, but none of them solve the equation x=a/(a+1) for any natural number a. Why is it that everyone seems to want to use math and physics in their arguments but then everyone whines about how they don't want to learn math and physics?
nadoss 0 karma 4 days ago
I still don't know or care what the fuck this is about
nadoss +4 karma 6 days ago
I think hot right now is very helpful, because sometimes I come on tickld, and I just need someone who can tell me what's hot right now.
nadoss +12 karma 1 weeks ago
Tickld, the only place where men have pissing contests with women.
nadoss 0 karma 2 weeks ago
I like how they basically just used the "Archer in the episode entitled 'Sitting'" "Well you knew I was lying!" defense.
nadoss +4 karma 2 weeks ago
Oh no, hell is infinite blowjobs and you can't wear pants because you have to use them to plug the hole in the bottom of a keg
nadoss +1 karma 2 weeks ago
the problem with me is that my hip is misshapen, but the femur is actually quite normal, so they said that they could try to do that but it would probably still go relatively fast and cost a lot initially, and because I'm not of means I can't really do it until it's necessary. Luckily the limp is gone for now and I don't have any pain unless it's very cold and rainy.
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Munchie 0 karmaSeptember 2014
dinks fir kerm
nadoss +1 karmaSeptember 2014
eees ner perblum
hunnaa [m] 0 karmaNovember 2013
Thank you for the karma!
nadoss +2 karmaNovember 2013
no worries, all the posts about how people were sad looking at the dog was pissing my mother off. When I suggested trying to make Popiel an internet celebrity she responded, "Well she should be one."
hunnaa [m] 0 karmaNovember 2013
Haha, i thought it was pretty funny.
livewell 0 karmaAugust 2013
Are you Italian?
nadoss 0 karmaAugust 2013
Mixed race, partly Italian. Studied Italian at University.

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