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Sex Male
Age 23
Location United States
Ticklr since October 2012

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I'm a geek for almost everything. Does it kind of make me a hipster when I play indie-art computer games and listen to Australian folk bands? yeah. but unlike hipsters I'd love to share these things with everyone. I love hockey, rugby, and games of all sorts. LOOK UP "Don't Starve."

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  • 8 perfect toasts to give for drinking
  • Video game consoles family portrait

Recent Activity

nadoss +1 karma 3 days ago
from commercials and tickld I get the impression that I'm supposed to know what an elf on the shelf is...
AddedI mean I've since learned what it was. It's like the horse mask thing... Psh White people
nadoss 0 karma 3 days ago
It thought it was funnier when I couldn't see the pun. I'm used to pronouncing it with a long A so I'm like "What's does it mean by 'Head Tomatoes...' Sounds gross..."
nadoss 0 karma 4 days ago
some people get annoyed way too easily
nadoss +1 karma 4 days ago
I play console and computer games, but for the computer I don't want to play Battlefield, Borderlands, or high end crap. I like to play weird fun games like Don't Starve and FTL and Dungeons of Dredmor
nadoss 0 karma 4 days ago
it really really doesn't
nadoss 0 karma 4 days ago
Jake the Brick
nadoss +1 karma 4 days ago
you can put a bolognese on whatever pasta you want
nadoss +3 karma 4 days ago
someone went through and gave everyone negative karma for some weird reason
nadoss +2 karma 4 days ago
this one was me yesterday
nadoss +1 karma 5 days ago
well on the bright side I might get a new corvette some day. #JustPeopleOfSouthernItalianDescentThings,ParticularlyThoseWhoDon'tLikeHashtagsButDecidedToAddThisLIttleAddendumToTheHashtagToExpressThatThisIsSupposedToBeAJokeAndIsWonderingIfAnyoneWillStillBeUpsetAboutMyUseOfHastags #ScaredOfNegativeKarma
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dragonkeeper1 0 karmaSeptember 2014
dinks fir kerm
nadoss +1 karmaSeptember 2014
eees ner perblum
hunnaa [m] 0 karmaNovember 2013
Thank you for the karma!
nadoss +2 karmaNovember 2013
no worries, all the posts about how people were sad looking at the dog was pissing my mother off. When I suggested trying to make Popiel an internet celebrity she responded, "Well she should be one."
hunnaa [m] 0 karmaNovember 2013
Haha, i thought it was pretty funny.
livewell 0 karmaAugust 2013
Are you Italian?
nadoss 0 karmaAugust 2013
Mixed race, partly Italian. Studied Italian at University.

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