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Sex Male
Age 18
Location United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Ticklr since Before October 2012

About Me

I'm a cyclist and a fellow tickler so when driving think of all the poor little tickld cyclist and be kind to us please, we are oh so fragile.

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  • 242 Total Down Votes

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  • That's one way to sell a used phone
  • Extreme procrastination doodle
  • What?
  • Cufflinks I made last night
  • Silly Sasha, you should peel it before you eat it
  • Common sense. So rare it's a super power.
  • Aww
  • This is what happens when childhood nostalgia meets alcohol. Pure genius.
  • Girls on dating sites be like "I go to Church."
  • My reaction when I started watching America Horror Story
  • When your Cosplay Magic gets far too strong... It turns on you
  • Just saying guys....

Recent Activity

nivlac96 0 karma 19 hours ago
Late karma thanks, thank you. I have a karma addiction its nice to be fed.
nivlac96 +1 karma 22 hours ago
For future type in a word into the search bar of FML ;)
nivlac96 +47 karma 22 hours ago
I got your back "Today, I was cuddling my boyfriend before going to bed. He farted really loud and spat in my face as he laughed. FML"
nivlac96 0 karma 3 days ago
That's pretty awesome
nivlac96 +3 karma 4 days ago
The typo is fine, its awkward typing with one hand ;)
nivlac96 0 karma 4 days ago
They are beautiful! I love clockwork stuff
nivlac96 +1 karma 4 days ago
Ahh there's the source of my confusion, thank you kind m'am,
nivlac96 +1 karma 4 days ago
Hmm for some reason I thought it had been removed months ago.
nivlac96 +5 karma 5 days ago
Blimey good thing they removed he word limit haha
nivlac96 0 karma 6 days ago
Scotland school are back I think
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BeigePowerRanger [m] +1 karmaJanuary 2014Terrific
did you think the my conversation with squishybooot was
nivlac96 +1 karmaJanuary 2014Terrific
It was oh so very
tickldbot 0 karmaApril 2013
Your post entitled "Wanted to see if it really worked." was removed after being reported by a member of the Tickld community because it was: Other. Please review the Upload Guidelines and Terms of Use. This is an automated message.
tickld [a] +2 karmaMarch 2013
Here's a reward for your rank on the Wall of Fame...
Porkchop -1 karmaOctober 2012
Porkchop -1 karmaOctober 2012
you defended me? YOU MUST REALLY LIKE ME!
nivlac96 +1182 karma1183 gift!October 2012
Porkchop +1 karmaJune 2013Follow Your Dreams
use it wisely.
Porkchop +1 karma5 gift!October 2012
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