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ABOUT ME I'm a cyclist and a fellow tickler so when driving think of all the poor little tickld cyclist and be kind to us please, we are oh so fragile.
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nivlac96 0 karma 53 minutes ago
Only ever herd of fud cadets doing that before an inspection. I guess its not just cadets that aren't all too bright
nivlac96 +3 karma 1 hour ago
Thats strangely hard to stop listening to
nivlac96 0 karma 5 hours ago
How are you not in jail for betting fifty shades of blue out of the psychopath
nivlac96 0 karma 3 days ago
Depends on where you live and who you know ;)
nivlac96 +1 karma 2 weeks ago
So not only have I made a tit of myself but now I have Kitya ruler of all things deadly getting a jib in. Not sure just how ashamed I should be
nivlac96 0 karma 2 weeks ago
But there in my pocket shark book. The book lied to me... I feel betrayed
nivlac96 0 karma 2 weeks ago
Technically both sharks. I'll just go now
nivlac96 +3 karma 2 weeks ago
Ah thanks nicely put, also nice word choice's makes me feel like a gorilla with a keyboard . You see I'm in Brittan where its technically not legal so if you want to smoke it has bee unnoticed and unseen not bringing the same issues.
nivlac96 +1 karma 2 weeks ago
Good day. Quick thing could you further explain your post about the vaping V's weed I'm on the latter side. just curious to know the issue you see. P.s must clarify I'm just curious nothing more
Addedassuming the vaping your on about is the E cig things
nivlac96 0 karma 2 weeks ago
fuel source for the distant future of whomever gets there first and sook it in with a big hose ( I cant science, sue me) Yeah universe building blocks are pretty cool too
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b0red +1 karma5 weeks ago
thanks for the karma
nivlac96 +1 karma5 weeks ago
No problem you explained yourself very nicely
b0red +1 karma5 weeks ago
well i have expected it to cause a ton of negative backlash, so thanks
nivlac96 +1 karma5 weeks ago
Nah I'm a reasonable chap
b0red +1 karma5 weeks ago
That's cool, I've seen a trend/ at least vocal users rage against anything religious
Farty +1 karmalast month
Thanks for the karma :)_)_)_))_)_)_
nivlac96 +1 karmalast month
No problem I'm good mood today
Farty +1 karmalast month
What ya planning on doing?
*sits on bed waves legs from side to side while looking cute*
nivlac96 +1 karmalast month
recuperate from a night out on the town. Also rying to find a damn song but I cant.
Farty 0 karmalast month
How does the song go?
nivlac96 +1 karmalast month
Something like. Because I need you to know that I want you. bit of feminine song but the mind wants what the mind wants. but I must be miss remembering something because I cant find it
Farty 0 karmalast month
nivlac96 +1 karmalast month
sadly not, just gonna have to do the good old drown my head different music. Thanks anyway.
Irregularblob 0 karmaDecember 2014
Im sad that I got you as a secret santa.
CannabisLecter [m] +1 karmaSeptember 2014
Thanks for the karma!
nivlac96 +2 karmaSeptember 2014
Karma is always there for those who are deserving *insert inspiring picture here*
BeigePowerRanger [m] +1 karmaJanuary 2014Terrific
did you think the my conversation with squishybooot was
nivlac96 +1 karmaJanuary 2014Terrific
It was oh so very
tickldbot 0 karmaApril 2013
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tickld [a] +2 karmaMarch 2013
Here's a reward for your rank on the Wall of Fame...
Porkchop -2 karmaOctober 2012
Porkchop -1 karmaOctober 2012
you defended me? YOU MUST REALLY LIKE ME!
nivlac96 +1185 karma1183 gift!October 2012
Porkchop +2 karmaJune 2013Follow Your Dreams
use it wisely.
Porkchop +1 karma5 gift!October 2012

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